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10 Keys to a Business Plan that Gets Funded

What Questions?
  1. Vision
  2. Revenue Formula
  3. Advantage
  4. Presentation
  5. Familiarity
  6. No Holes
  7. Practical w/Money
  8. 3rd-party Support
  9. Compensate
10. Understand Investors

The Revenue Formula
that Investors
want to See

2 Keys for 50%+ growth in Major Account Revenue without increasing budgets

How can you test your Revenue Formula for less than $500?

Clear results. Low cost, targeted Services from Exxel International




















Experts that Exxel often adds to Bruce's leadership can include: one of his top cold calling stars; 2 or 3 C level Executive sales people; Recruiters; product marketing, development experts, direct response marketers, web site creators and others.

Eliminate recruiting effort to create a Launch Team. Knowledge Transfer is part of our process with your team.



Call Bruce at







With over 25 different inter related revenue formulas all working, as CEO of Software Developers, revenue grew over 100% to $35 million in the 8th year.  Measured advertising at over $5 million per year plus over 25 telemarketers made quite a team.









Skim, read these Reports:


10 Keys to a Business Plan that Gets Funded


The Revenue Formula
that Investors
want to See

2 Keys for 50%+ growth in Major Account Revenue without increasing budgets

How can you test your Revenue Formula for less than $500?












Targeted fixed price, contingent Services

for product or service introductions. Learning curve is a big issue in product & service introductions. The knowledge and process used affects the outcomes. Leverage Bruce's experience with over 30 start-ups advised or done, with ideas, techniques gathered from 200 of the Fortune 1000.

Assignments for under $500
(FREE if not satisfied)

Deliverables: In all cases except as noted, the deliverables include written descriptions of phone calls conducted and the report and recommendations.

The Fee: $450 (FREE if not satisfied)

Evaluate the value proposition and access to potential customers. The recommendations will include potential variations of the value proposition and the likely affect on potential customers. Potential barriers in the mind of customers and significant pain points will be described.

The Fee: $450 (FREE if not satisfied)

Evaluate the product and service offering. How proprietary and effective is it? Competition: from a business and from a technology point of view, what are the easiest strategies for a potential competitor?

The Fee: $250 (FREE if not satisfied)

A Marketing Plan, part #1: identify the likely costs and identify methods to use when forecasting.

The Fee: $250 (FREE if not satisfied)

Valuation, for your Company or product line. Estimate the range and the likely appeal for each of several separate investor audiences

The Fee: $450 (FREE if not satisfied)

Getting attention, part #1. Begin the process to identify subjects and pain points. Create the initial two competing scripts for an initial cold contact leading through the end of 60 to 90 seconds on the phone.

The Fee: $450 (FREE if not satisfied)

Getting attention, part #2. Use the initial contact scripts to complete successful sales phone calls with three to five live prospects. Write about what is learned and what is discussed thoroughly for each phone call.

You want measurable results. You want any newly created or improved process to be cloneable. Working with Exxel will be fun and profitable. Start to Lower your Startup costs and risks.

Let Exxel provide one of the above as low cost, no risk proof.

A short phone call?

Do not waste your time. Whether you want us to listen, or to generate ideas, in the first few minutes of a phone call, you will see the potential.

Call Bruce at 617-930-0836.


Achieve your milestones. Each service lowers sales and marketing costs and risks in 2 ways. How?

1. Less Work

Get your milestones accomplished in fewer work weeks. The process used and the prior experience both make less work possible.

When the Exxel process that we call the A&B Split Process is used, it causes and forces a rapid pace of progress. When the people doing the work have done similar work before, they know what to do. When a single person has multiple skill sets, the inefficiency caused by coordination is reduced and the ability to see and understand what is working is improved.

2. Lower Compensation.

You can lower the compensation for the launch effort compared to the market value of the work required. Make some compensation contingent on achieving a significant early revenue milestone. Another portion of contingent compensation can be based on a revenue milestone that is much higher, one that occurs later in time, perhaps 12 or 18 months after launch.

Such contingent compensation aligns the self-interest with the company owners. It also avoids some expense if the milestones are not met. Assuming that milestones are met, it pushes some of the expense into a future, a future where the pain caused by the expense has been reduced.

Please see, assignments for under $500, or $0.

Lower the risk of failure and increase the pace of market adoption in 2 ways.


1. Use a process, the A&B Split process from Exxel

What we descriptively call the A&mp;B Split Process both causes and forces a rapid pace of progress. Two versions of each step. One is A and another is B. Use both and see which works better. The steps in the sequence for launching a product that requires sales effort are somewhat different from the steps for a consumer product. For such sales driven products and solutions, for each Title you plan to contact, the A&B Split process should be used for the steps starting with initial contact through ongoing involvement. Depending on the product or service being sold, the process is likely to include advertising messages, the writing a direct response communication, and scripts and pointers which cover what should be said during either the initial telephone or face-to-face sales contact.

Use the A without comparing to an alternate, a B for initial customer contact is a mistake. No matter how good A turns out to be, a reasonable alternative almost always has at least a 50 percent chance of doing materially better.


2. Use highly skilled people

A person who has seen many similar circumstances before and who has a wide range of skills can save you a lot. Mistakes and the less good alternatives are identified earlier. Often the highly skilled person can see what others can not see until later, until more work has been done and more time has gone by.

The team that has people with many similar experiences can accelerate the learning process, reducing the learning curve.

Use measurement and feedback during the early Learning curve

Reduce the learning curve duration. Get to a better result at the end, more revenue per dollar spent on sales and marketing. In every launch of a new company or product there is a high amount of uncertainty.

The total cost and elapsed time to launch a new product or service offering can vary by at least 300 percent. Will it take 3 months or over 9 months to close initial customers. Cost can be lower and Revenue can also be higher. The amount of revenue that will be generated, given a fixed sales and marketing dollar budget for a launch, can easily vary by 200 percent, like $250,000 or $500,000. The 200% comparison does not include failure or even the common “limping along” scenario with a few new accounts but almost no revenue.

No one knows all of the answers.

About the A&B Split process

A good process reveals the answers. The A&B Split process identifies what works and how well. The number of elements that can be varied is very large. It includes how product is sold, the pricing, the distribution channels. In many cases, the actual content of product or service can be varied with the sales impact measured to determine the impact on revenue and cost.

Iterate almost everything, changing how things are done. Measure what happens. Prototype marketing materials. Get feedback from experts and from potential customers. Provide high flexibility early in the process when the expense levels are low.

Low cost, high-value assignments usually are the right way to start with Exxel

What you want is measurable results. That can be done in small increments. Efficiency can be very high resulting in effective use of your time and low cost.

Because we are entrepreneurs and we serve those who do entrepreneurial work, we take a lot of the risk that normally a client would take.


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