Increase Your Revenue using practical support

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Q: What is the most significant way that you can increase the value of your company?

A: Grow revenue in a way that is reliable, predictable, understandable and profitable.

Imagine a partner, but with none of the downside. Money, skill, relationships, depth. You stay completely in control. The partner puts their feet in the fire, puts money in with you. Together you improve the company. The partner benefits when and if the revenue and the value of the company increases. Before this "partner" starts you agree in writing when the partner will leave. Yet you can throw the partner out whenever you want to.

As a CEO it seemed like a dream. Eventually we found one. He helped triple revenue in 20 months. Then, as agreed, he was done. From the time that I founded the company with $11,000, for eight years we never grew at less than 39% to $35 million. We talked with many consultants and service companies. We attracted many investors - angels, industry people, venture firms and the public stock market. It was hard to line their self interest up with ours.

Growth can be made consistent, made into a system that you manage and tweak.

What Does It Take?

Deep understanding, systems and people who care are all needed. You know your industry, your customers, your suppliers, your people. We know the intricacies of: revenue generation, computer systems, forecasting methods, and how investors think.

Once improvements are made you have employees working for you who can maintain and use the systems. Selling is not as much an art as it is made out to be. Nor is advertising, direct mail, point of purchase displays or international distribution. What does it take to win a large account or to get stores to carry a product? The answers are known, particular if you can be open to any 3 of these 7 chains or large accounts.

Can you Start with Existing Cash Flow?

Boot-strapping can almost always work. Often customers or suppliers will provide money that you can use. You know your business. Almost every time we have examined a company, even companies with only $30,000 per month in revenue, growth at 20% to 50% per year is possible without outside funds.

When revenue goes up, you may need more bank debt money to finance receivables. You do not give up a piece of your company for that. And if doing so carries significant risk, do not do it.

There Are Only So Many Hours

Perhaps your team could do everything that we could. Yet their time is taken up now maintaining what you are doing. Making the time to do something differently can be difficult. Sometimes it makes sense to have the new or revised methods of generating method done outside, off site, with no interruptions to existing staff. However, you keep complete control.

Who is Exxel International?

Senior, experienced executives who have run their own successful companies manage projects and relationships for Exxel. Some are deepest in industries where face-to-face selling is most important. Others are best in direct response. They call in managers and implementers who have done it before. Or they work to train, coach and guide your people right from the beginning.

Explore the Potential

If your revenue climbed 10% or 20% what would be the impact on profit and on cash? Every company is different. Could something work for you? Spend an hour or so to find out. In that hour you will get real value, ideas and methods that you can implement.

Skeptical? Ask for an article, "How to Increase Revenue by 50%".

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