Abraham Maslow's list of being values, and

meta motivations


Aliveness: process; not deadness; spontaneity; self regulation; full functioning; not monotony, not bored; not calm down; not take it easy


Beauty: rightness; form; aliveness; simplicity; richness; wholeness; perfection; completion; uniqueness; honesty; not bleak, ugly, vulgar


Completion: ending; finality; justice; it is finished; fulfillment;  destiny; fate; seeing it through to the end; not dropping in the middle


Effortlessness: ease; lack of strain, striving or difficulty; grace; perfect, beautiful functioning; getting more done with the same amount of time; not unnecessary steps; not because we always do it this way 


Goodness: rightness; desirability; oughtness; justice; benevolence; honesty; not a lie; not cheap or easy


Justice: fairness; orderliness; lawfulness; oughtness; not ignored because unimportant; not discriminated against 


Perfection: necessity; just rightness; just so; inevitability; suitability; justice; completeness; oughtness; not sloppy; not the short cut or the easy way


Playfulness: fun; joy; amusement; gaiety; humor; exuberance; effortlessness; not drudgery


Richness: differentiation, complexity; intricacy; the situations in all of its aspects, all of the ramifications; meaning on all of the levels


Self determining: environment transcendence; separateness; living by its own laws.


Self-sufficiency: autonomy; independence; totally self contained; not needing other than itself in order to be itself; not dependent


Simplicity: honesty; nakedness; essentiality; abstract, essential, skeletal structure; the essential portion; eliminating clutter


Truth: honesty; reality; nakedness; simplicity; richness; oughtness; beauty; pure, clean and unadulterated; completeness; essentiality. 


Uniqueness: idiosyncrasy; individuality; non comparability; novelty; 


Wholeness: unity; integration; tendency to one-ness; interconnectedness; simplicity; organization; structure; dichotomy transcendence; order;

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