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Bruce W. Lynch: resume of a practical revenue generation expert

Bruce's specialty is to lead the discovery and creation of the process that adds a new revenue stream for your company. It requires more than what is needed to expand an existing revenue generation process. It involves Bruce getting on the phone making cold calls in many cases. It almost always includes writing sales and marketing materials, and creating alliances.

What CFO will not smile when you can show how much revenue and margin increases for each dollar increase in sales staff, in advertising and on marketing? Whether you want to add a channel of distribution, expand an existing one or launch a new product, you want a repeatable, clone-able process.

Appropriate assignments include Business Development, Sales, Product Management and Professional Services. Manager or VP of Sales of Marketing, Director of Software Development, and temporary COO are often the role including hands work -- whether as an employee or under contract.

Bruce can lead or support what you need, to attract and build a team to figure it out or on his own, to map to the market. Invent and improve the revenue generation process. Motivate business partners to promote and help build your company.

Deep knowledge includes several industries, a range of technologies and of revenue generation methods. Products and services launched in the software industry, for internet infrastructure, for insurance and for the computer services industry have had prices from $200 to $500,000. Building consensus while identifying and clarifying patterns. Bruce can quickly identify, understand and fill the information needs and evaluation process of prospects.

Over 25 years of successful experience in assisting startup and faltering high-tech companies with strategies for improving and expanding revenue generating processes. Expert in utilizing multiple avenues for enhancing bottom line including team selling, major account penetration, cold calling, script supported selling, solution selling. Re-shaped and launched products for current major industries. Personal strengths in generating cash flow, tight management, leadership, understanding software technologies and legacy system integration, seeing patterns and creating a long-term vision.

Special expertise in analyzing current trends and identifying related niche markets. Motivated and eager to work with a capable, energetic team dedicated to building a company into a dominant industry leader.

Professional Experience

2002 - present Exxel International Boston, MA

Business development, sales, marketing, consulting, hands on launching of startup companies.

For 2 clients a repeatable and clone-able revenue formula was developed and implemented including cold call scripts, related email, powerpoint material, articles, et..

In used cars, the sales and advertising learning curve brought cost per sale for sales and marketing to a consistent average less than $500 with margins over $1,200, a $700 profit contribution. Cost per lead was lowest in New England with 1 in 7 buying a car. With the results, the client now has a retail used car location. In the 3rd month of the new dealership they are already exceeding break even.

Continuing in used cars, an operation with a 30 car lot had been selling 2 and 3 cars per month, 10 in a very good month.
A team of 6 part time people were recruiting, hired, motivated and managed. Mechanics helpers, people to clean the cars and others to do light body worked to "remove the curses" form each used car. Ads with a total cost of less that $1,500 per month were quickly implemented. A vehicle inventory website was updated. Within 6 weeks 7 new prospects per day showed up at the lot. In the beginning 1/2 month 4 cars then the first full month 12 cars were sold. In the second month the entire process was in place. 22 cars were sold. All elements of a clone-able and expandable process were proven with real facts and real revenue in 2.5 months.

Wireless Shopping: For the custom hand held shopping device, early penetration of large retail and packaged goods companies is working well. How to shape the business model and how to price has been set using convergence of market feedback. The process to get initial large customers is working well.

2001 - 2002 Array Inc. Professional Services Westboro, Mass

Manager, Business Development. Closed 6 new accounts with commercial software companies while creating a repeatable process. The company had a total of 10 or 12 accounts in its 3 years. No new accounts were being closed "because of the economy." Cold calls confirmed it, the potential customers had already cut all outside services. Then their own staff was cut leaving only their "best people." Outsourcing software development seemed not possible.

Bruce developed a sales process, to earn attention, to focus on issues important to potential customers. 6 new name accounts were closed. The process for large accounts was next developed with a substantial pipeline of likely new business, several qualified opportunities were considering repeat annual revenue of $400,000+. The repeatable mew account process was in place.
With the VP Engineering as the target for our services the number of people calling on that title caused a challenge. Information of value overcame the barrier.

1999 - 2001 MaxSol

Starting with a horizontal, non-standard software development tool, the assignment: 'get us into selling applications to the insurance market.'

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(Professional Experience continues)
Creating the revenue generation process, we closed 20+ initial reference-able accounts including participants in each role for the insurance value chain.
The assignment covered the full range including: shape and describe what application needs will be served. Create demos, literature, web and sales letter content. Make cold calls to learn what the market wants and to create a repeatable initial contact process. Find and close some initial accounts. Recruit, train and manage sales and marketing people.

Seeing that the market entry point was where separate business entities share processing, we closed over 20 new accounts -- selling to the Claims and the Underwriting and Sales departments while also selling to IT. Underwriters, health insurers, agency networks, wholesalers and claims processing companies (TPAs) were all targeted and sold at a range of prices including $12,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000.
Technologies include web asp and other technologies tied to "back end integration" with MVS, CICS mainframes, MQSeries, AS400, Solaris, Linux, Oracle, DB2, VSAM, executing programs, etc.

1997 - 1998 Computer Smart

Helped to transform this company from a retail computer store primarily serving families into a Temporary Staffing company specializing in WAN, LAN Network Engineers provided full time and from 1 day per week up.

Opened initial clients. Solved technical issues. Opened first business development, wholesale relationship with 1,000+ FTE staffing firm placing several engineers. Improved sourcing of candidates.

Revenue climbed 500% and the ratio of sales time invested to annual revenue improved dramatically.

1994 - 1997 Exxel International

Executive Consultant working with small companies and startups. Helped create herbal company with $120,000 investment to generate over $3 in revenue per ad dollar, up-sell 800 script lifting average over from $47 up to $73, "virtual" operations.

Several assignments helped companies shift marketing budget to increase revenue from

internal funds, decrease cost per lead, re-orient product strategy, etc.

Implemented consistent lead generation, sales methods and recruiting to increase revenue and gross profit by 300% in one year for a computer services and recruiting company.

1994 - 1994 Source Scientific

As President and CEO ran this OEM supplier or medical instruments for diagnosis for 6 months. Completed turnaround, reverse merger with public company, $2.5 million Reg. D financing, turned from loss to profit and trained the replacement CEO.

1992 - 1993 Exxel International

As Executive Consultant worked with software and high tech companies to increase revenue and to develop and launch new products.

1983 - 1991 Software Developers Company Inc.

Founder and CEO of this specialty catalog and direct response retailer, Programmer's Shop, and publisher of PC programming software, Solution Systems. Grew over 50% per year compounded for 8 years, to $35 million revenue. Innovative direct marketer with 80,000 mailed per month, 22 pages of ads, and profitable 500,000 circulation publication.

Started with $11,000; first financing at $5 million revenue as Reg. D private placement with accredited high tech people, IPO in 1989. Published product, the BRIEF editor, held over 40% share of its market; reseller two times the size of next competitor. Stock currently trades as Netegrity.

1982 - 1985 Computer Innovations

As head of sales and marketing, grew this PC programming software publisher from $350,000 per year to $2 million per year within 11 months using internally generated funds and no significant new release to software product content.

1981 - 1982 Business Computer Store and Used Computer Exchange

Founder and VP Sales for PC retail store. By 12th month was running at the rate of $3 million revenue and $150,000 pre-tax profit using less than $100,000 of start-up capital.

1977 - 1981 Boeing

As Computer Services Sales Manager in Chicago was significantly above quota while training raw recruits, managing small software projects and helping sales team sell analytical, engineering and MIS applications to Fortune 1000 and service companies. As product planning manager used a $35,000 cash budget and another $75,000 of allocated people time to create a $6 million revenue, $750,000 profit revenue stream.

1974 - 1977 Computer Sciences Corporation

Sales Person was rookie of the year and consistently among top performers selling business analysis applications to Fortune 1000 companies including Morton Norwich, Borg Warner, Arthur Young, Ernst and Whinney, CNA Insurance, Esmark/Swift, Trans Union Leasing, Chicago Northwestern Railroad

1973 - 1974 IBM

Mainframe Division Sales Trainee and assistant had 18 months of thorough sales and business training while helping analyze needs for large applications, volume of hardware forecasted, lease versus buy for Insurance companies.


  • 1969 - 1973 Bowdoin College, Brunswick Maine BA with major in German and informal concentrations in Economics and Math.

  • 1974 - 1975 University of Chicago, MBA program. Took six key courses to enhance analysis of businesses.

  • 1973 - 1981 Boeing, IBM, CSC Management, sales, negotiation, planning training.

  • Formal sales training from IBM, Computer Sciences, Boeing, 3M, Xerox plus various seminars.

Skills and Keywords

For those of you interested in IT Skills, Bruce has substantial experience as a Project Manager, project estimating, scheduling and planning, and presentations.  He is competent with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Project, Internet Explorer, FrontPage; Mozilla; Netscape Navigator and Communicator; Eudora; dBase, Basic; Photo Shop; Internet Phone, ICQ. Experienced with and strong technical understanding of business processes and with every major and most minor software technologies: Database (relational, hierarchical, network), CASE, ERP, EERP, OLAP, EIS, communications of all kinds, operating systems, expert systems, rapid prototyping, natural language, user interface design, operating system design, etc.

Business Skills include: sales, face-to-face, executive selling, sales management, sales training ; business development, strategic alliances, OEM, international distribution; forecasting, planning, presentations, business plans, marketing plans, budgets;  marketing, direct response, advertising, trade shows, telemarketing, scripts, catalogs, Internet marketing, web marketing; raising money, Reg D, private placement, selling stock, angels, venture capital, debt, subordinated debt, factors, asset-based.

Industries where Bruce has substantial experience include: software, hardware, computer services, recruiting, staffing, insurance, banking, manufacturing, IT, financial services, brokerage, engineering, consulting, accounting and others.


Swimming, meditation, coins, biographies, career, start-up and business counseling

Bruce is strongly motivated by helping to "make it happen."

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