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"What Works Online?" | May 2002| Bests Review |The article reviews online activity:

In a recent survey by Gomez, "State of Online Insurance: Property and Casualty 2001," it found that 30.3% search for property/casualty products online. Of those 72.5% look for auto.Complications during the website quoting experience causes about 50% to leave the site. 12 of 18 major insurers let policyholders view and change policies. The top five companies were Progressive, Allstate, Safeco, Amica and GE Financial Network. 
InsWeb attracted nearly 400,000 monthly, while Allstate and State Farm averaged fewer than 250,000 visitors per month.  The AARP members served by TheHartford: 90% of site visitors use the AARP/Hartford site to research prices and products, and most use the toll-free number to buy the policy. 
IdentityWeb uses 30 Web sites with strong domain names, including,,, and to generate leads for agents. results in a 30% close rate within 120 days. IdentityWeb's ClientMaker let the producer automate contacts who receive rmail welcome note day 3, brochure about the agent day 7, etc.
What Can Agents Learn From Portals?The evolution of QuoteSmith, InsWeb, and”| May 2002| By John AshenhurstRough Notes| “According to the IIAA's Future One 2001 Technology Study, three-quarters” of respondants shop on the web for insurance. Most go to sites considered independent of carriers. John talked with the president of each national agency: at Quotesmith, InsWeb and None seem to have an effective way to generate a large volume of new business. 
InsWeb generates commissions when it can close the sale and referral fees when the carrier’s call center completes the sale. Lou Geremia, president explained how the ratio of those who complete an application to those who close goes from 5% with two quotes to 15% with four and dimishing returns when more than five quotes are shown. With 12 employees outsources a lot and uses off-the-shelf components including support from ComparisonMarket and from InsureZone. 
“What agents can learn from these "independent" sites is that consumers are hungry for needs analysis, explanation, and--at the very least--limited, comparative quotes. So independent agents could do themselves some good by providing it on their Web sites.”

"Transformation Station wins approval of major agency management system user groups| May 2002 | Rough Notes | With most of the large agency management and rating software vendors commited and a good number of carriers, IVANs may is generating support. Already operating with Applied Warp and AMS WebSEMCI, agencies enjoy the time savings, and using the management system rather than duplicate input for processing. Approved by Applied Systems Client Network (ASCnet) and the AMS Users' Group (AMSUG), the time savings using Transformation Station sound significant. A user describes input for a BOP from beginning to end in less than 6 minutes compared to 17 to 25 with a DOS rater or longer at a carrier website.

“Report: Consumers Increasingly Turn to Web to Connect With Local Service-Based Businesses” | PRNewswire | 14-May-02 |

“Six of the top 50 service categories are insurance-related, reflecting widespread acceptance and trust in seeking insurance providers and rates online;” “The number of requests for services has increased 180% in the last 14 months.” The study analyzes the use of “request a quote” capability at members of the study sponsor’s Respond Networks websites including InfoSpace, Lycos, Martindale-Hubbell, Qwest, VeriSign and Verizon. Auto insurance was the second to hotels/motels as the most popular request.

CLICKS & MISSES -- Can LowerMyBills Really Do It?” | March 2002 | By Susan J. MarksBusiness Week |
LowerMyBills gets a fee when the consumer buys services from its 13 affiliates including InsWeb for insurance. “It still takes a thorough review of each product to clarify what exactly is being offered and the actual savings you can expect.”

"Practical use of Internet and other technologies can bring competitive advantage and efficiencies to small agencies" | Feb 02 | By John Ashenhurst for Rough Notes | The challenge for the Thousand Islands Agency is "to use technology to make money on low-premium policies." With an average of personal and commercial policies at $700 in premium, the agency is completely paperless. "It makes extensive use of digital imaging technology (scanners, digital cameras). The agency has high-speed, always-on connections to the Internet. It uses ebix-One, the vendor's 32-bit Windows client/server management system. Agency staff is equipped with quality wireless headsets. E-mail, via Outlook and Microsoft's Exchange server is imbedded into the agency workflow and increasingly into interaction with customers. The agency provides 24x7 local claims service--not through a call center--but through the agency phone system after-hours ring-through to Higgins." 

Providing self-service to the insured is part of the agency web site. "The My Insurance service is actually supplied by the agency's management system vendor, Ebix. It's an ASP service that stores agency customer information and can be linked to from an agency Web site. A subscribing agency has some control over the layout and color scheme that appears to the user and so, with effort, an agency can make My Insurance a seamless extension of the agency site."

"An Unremarkable Life, according to Conning, there is little Life Online" | Feb 02 | Technology Decisions | In Cunning's recent "A Life Insurer Web Site Assessment" report, they report that:

  • sites are being used to gather information not to close a sale, as a supplement and not a replacement to a producer making a sale.
  • many life insurance aggregators do not yet use the Internet. [Note the 'call 800' radio and tv ads from organizations like BestQuote and SelectQuote.]
"Network-enabled pricing, quoting and issuance can lead to savings for insurers." | Feb 02 | Bests Review, Technology | Paul Philip of AscendantOne covers each of the issues to consider when a carrier implements rate quoting at the point of sale, to "deliver accurate prices any time, anywhere, to any participant on any device." "Up-to-date security systems, browsers, XML-based data interchanges and industry-standard queuing technologies allow a deployment path for anyone, any time, anywhere and on any device."

"Price-Focused Consumers Are Using The Internet To Squeeze Traditional Insurance Carriers" | 11 Feb 02 | Business Wire | The insurance distribution sites are not providing enough other than price for a consumer to evaluate carriers, services and coverages.

"InsWeb, the largest distributor attracted nearly 400,000 monthly unique visitors over the timeframe monitored, nearly 60% greater than carrier sites Allstate and State Farm, who each averaged under 250,000 visitors per month. Additionally, newer distribution sites, while not attracting as many monthly consumers as InsWeb are growing at rates faster than those seen among carriers; Quotesmith, and Answer Financial grew 19%, 50% and 137% respectively, compared to an  average traffic decline of 1.2% amongst carrier sites. " With over 470,000 unique visitors in November 2001 "only one in five quotes served on the Progressive site are priced at or below competitive carriers' quotes."

"Taking Advantage of the  Internet Isn't Optional" | Jan 02 | SoundingLine | Using the combination of both the Internet and call centers, an agency could address the concerns that hold back use of the internet for insurance. Doing so could lower operating costs while also allowing the insured "to be certain they've got the right coverage, can hold someone responsible, and will have an advocate should a claim arise."

"Celent Communications Predicts That U.S. Carriers Will Spend
US$1.06 Billion On New Agent Extranet Technology Within 24 Months" | 18 Dec 01 | Business Wire | The report, "Agent
Extranets Overview", predicts that the number of carriers implementing will double in the next 2 years. The report "The report includes summaries of the main features of most agent extranets and their benefits, and a step-by-step overview of the process of designing and implementing a system."

"Savvy Cross-Selling Key to Success in Online Banking/Insurance Integration" | 5 Dec 01 | by Tim Carpenter InsuranceTech | According to the most recent  'Online Banking Scorecard' the number of bank web sites offering insurance continues to increase. Patelco Credit Union is cited as an example, teaming with Esurance to combine in one application both an auto loan and auto insurance. "Stand-alone marketing puts the onus on customers to realize that they need insurance and to purchase it from their primary bank. In contrast, a loan application integrated with automatic  insurance quotes subtly escorts them to this conclusion. "

"Amica Mutual Leads Auto Insurance Industry in Customer Satisfaction, Followed Closely by Erie Insurance Group and State Farm" | 18 Sep 01  | Business Wire | The J.D. Power and Associates 2001 National Auto Insurance Study(SM) showed Amica, Erie and State Farm among the most liked by consumers. "Among consumers who shopped for auto insurance in the past 12 months, 26 percent indicate they used the Internet during the shopping process, compared with only 14 percent last year. In addition, nearly half of consumers who indicate they plan to shop for auto insurance in the next year say they intend to use the Internet during the shopping process." 

"The primary drivers of overall satisfaction with an auto insurance provider include: the value of services offered; the ability of the provider to fulfill commitments; the ease of working with the insurer; claims; billing practices; how well company personnel and agents treat consumers; price; and problem resolution." 

[ Editor -- I used the JD Powers program to compare 4 companies represented by Independent Agencies, TheHartford was rated highly.] 

"Insurers see Technology as Driving Dramatic Change" | Best's Review | Dec 01 |  In a study by Tillinghast-Towers Perrin, carriers "cited Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co. and Progressive as their industry role models." "91% of respondents believe change will be dramatic, and one-third feel it will be "revolutionary." ... Companies that view themselves as ahead of the industry in implementing new technologies made up 20% of the respondents, and they reported that they've made significant progress in using new technology to enhance and support existing distribution channels (64% vs. 18%), improve new business processing (55% vs. 23%) and enhance customer service (55% vs. 36%)." 

"Meeting Next Generation Client Expectations" | by Richard H. Roy, Jr. Rough Notes | Dec 01 | "When agents refer their clients to company call centers or Web sites directly, the valued business relationship between the consumer and the agent begins to erode." The article discusses each function and the impact of it being handled by the agency or the insurer. Pointing to an issue that is likely to much more than just XML to get implemented, the author points out that the insured looks to the agency for billing and claim status, over one half of all calls to agencies. The insured can become a lost customer if such calls are not handled well.

"Safety Insurance -- A success story" | by John Ashenhurst Rough Notes | Nov 01 | Safety has grown from $295 million premium in 1996 to $432 million in 2000. "Over the last five years, Safety has used technology to increasingly allow agents to directly control sales and service activities." Safety provides full IT and internet support for their agencies, lowering costs for both Safety and the agencies and making possible additional ways to do business. 

Safety provides the 'Agents Virtual Community', for agency access to Safety and business partners including  the registry of motor vehicles, auto repair shops, glass repair shops, restoration services companies, electronic vehicle registration services, and car renters. Agents can also "imbed" InsureAnswer for billing and claim status into the agency's web site though it actually resides on a Safety web site. 

"Safety provides its agents with technical support -- not just for Safety proprietary systems but for other generic and specific software and technology. Safety believes that it will be successful only to the extent its agents are successful." 

"ACT report identifies technology trends that will affect how agencies do business" | by Jeffrey M. Yates Rough Notes | Nov 01 | "The vision portion of the new ACT report lays out eight major technology trends." All eight are trends toward doing more business electronically. 

The white paper itself is an Acrobat pdf file accessible from

It describes how steps will be eliminated and costs will be reduced by changed workflows. Agencies will need to change to participate. The report thoroughly makes the case for why an agency should become highly automated and highly personalized to each client. 

"A Picture of a Future Agency" is an intriguing section of the report describing separately the world of the producer, CSR, and bookkeeper.

Aspects of technology are discussed including how real-time transactions will occur with support from specialized, out-sourced ASPs, application service providers who host and support the real-time XML interfaces to carriers and elsewhere. Integration Platforms are described to incorporate updating of agency management systems and carrier systems.

"Single step work-flow" is a phrase used in the report to point to elimination of all steps that are duplicated, not just 'straight-thru-processing', but also once-and-done.  Because, in the insurance industry participants need to confer with each other, the need for Collaborative Computing is discussed. Putting all items related to an underwriting submission in one place is a good start. True collaboration can automate reminders and make sure that business rules are followed.

Booz-Allen survey reveals gap between Internet insurance offerings and customer needs | AgentAndBroker | Aug-01 | The number of visitors to the sites is up by over 10 times from the prior year. P&C is projected in 2005 to be 88% of total online insurance. "86% of insurance customers say they want to self-administer their accounts." "Nationwide, USAA and Prudential -- all of which offer an extensive array of products that consumers can buy online -- average three visits per customer each month, as opposed to one monthly visit per user to sites with narrower offerings." "The top 10 insurance sites attracted only 5 million unique monthly visitors."

Online Insurance: Who Needs It?  | By Paul A. Greenberg, | 17-Aug-01 | "I gave it a try when searching for less expensive car insurance. ... The result? I gave up after being  asked way too many questions and being required to offer too much personal information just to get a quote."

Getting auto rates online is more difficult than ever | by Ara Trembly National Underwriter | 13-Aug-01 | As he has done in previous years, Ara reports on his use of several sites get quotes in Connecticut with his 2000 Toyota Celica GT. Insweb offered only one "instant" quote, from GE, $630 for a 6 month policy.  "Almost immediately, I got the quote via e-mail from Amica, $408 for six months." Later at the Amica web site they declined to quote, " refused to give online quotes to anyone who has had a moving violation in the past three years, and I did have a single ticket."

At, the site "didn't seem as slow as the last time I visited, but I still thought I had to negotiate too many screens." Three quotes,  "SAFECO quoted $529, Metropolitan $548, and Omni $1,057." "The only other insurer to provide a quote online was SAFECO, which provided a six-month figure of $571-not inconsistent with the quotes I received via the aggregators."

Not all insurance-quote Web sites equal-report | Reuters | 31-Jul-01 | By the Consumer Federation of America , "A survey of 25 Web sites that aggregate and compare life insurance policies found that only six listed the lowest available price. ... with 10 Web sites providing such poor service that the group recommended avoiding them." "The report singled out four sites for praise: term4sale, Compulife, InsWeb and Quotesmith. Not recommended were Insure Rate, Intelli-Quote, Insure One, Compusurance, SpeedInsure, 4freequotes, accuquote, answerfinancial, ebix, and SelectOne."

Insurance Industry Leaders Estimate an 89 Percent Increase in E-business Spending Over the Next Three Years, PwC/EIU Survey Finds | PWCGlobal | 10-May-01 | Over 150 insurance organizations including included carriers, agents/brokers, re-insurers, banks, broker-dealers and dot-coms, were surveyed. They plan to increase ebusiness spending, on average, by 89%. "two-thirds of respondents feel their companies do not have sufficient e-business leadership capabilities." "Today, only 7 percent of agents and brokers and 17 percent of insurance carriers have Web-enabled the back-end processing of policy applications. In three years, those numbers are expected to rise to 93 percent and 71 percent respectively. Also in three years, respondents expect e-business to realise 19 percent in annual savings on average, compared with an estimated 7 percent today."

For a description of the equivalent study a year earlier, see Property & casualty: "Mapping the future - March 2000"

"Deconstruction Online Strategies" | by Lori Chordes for Bests Review | July 2001 | An interview with QuickenInsurance founder Stephen Aldrich. "But companies weren't able to build new products to take advantage of the lower costs of information distribution the Internet could provide." What is needed is "a hybrid of being able to purchase online, through a call center or agents, and giving the customer great experience no matter what channel they choose to complete the sale through." 

[Recommended: ] "Life Insurers Need Seamless Multi-Channel Strategies To Succeed Online" Gomez Study | 27-Jun-01 | Business Wire | The sites were not well liked, "Poor usability, inconsistent site performance, and the prevalence of sites designed to showcase products rather than meet the needs of today's goal oriented consumers have combined to impede widespread consumer adoption." The study was based on a survey of 10,000 online users. An estimated 22.4 million people, or 24.2% of the U.S. adult active online population, intend to purchase a new or different term life insurance policy in the next five years. Of this group, 56.5%, or 12.6 million consumers, intend to use the Internet during the purchase process.

"Meeting Customer's Needs on the Internet: Agents, Brokers in Early Stages of Taking Services Online" | by Sally Roberts Business Insurance | 7 May 01 | Insurance customer self service is growing. "Agents are beginning to understand that online customer self-service does not replace the services that they offer, but rather that it is an extension of what brokers offer customers." Offerings from agency management vendors and service providers are discussed. An IIAA study shows that online customer service was in their the insurance purchasing decisions for "87% of personal lines customers and 70% of commercial lines customers surveyed said that it was ``extremely'' or ``very'' important, while only 34% of the agents responded the same way." "Similarly, 59% of the personal lines customers and 47% of the commercial lines customers surveyed considered online access to account information to be very or extremely important, while only 6% of the agents shared that opinion." 

Some statistics (from the article):  an Ohio agency mailed 3,000 brochures to customers announcing web self-service. Within 3 weeks 328 customers visited mostly to review coverages and personal information. 9 requested policy changes. Only 3 asked to have their info taken off of the site.
"Making more effective use of Internet" | by Rodd Zolkos Business Insurance | 7 May 01 | "The insurers whose e-business ventures will be most successful are those who use the Internet not to replace existing sales channels but to complement and support those channels." Prospecting can be a lot more efficient, "Information can be gathered online and then passed to the producer." "At the actual moment of purchase, they want to talk to someone."

"A study by McKinsey shows that of online consumers 14% switched insurers in 2000 compared to 10% two years ago. Tillinghast-Towers Perrin's Bennett Cooper said that, the emphasis in the Internet age must be on integration, rather than conflict, among the various distribution channels. A company, he said, must present a consistent message across its various channels in a fashion that is ``as seamless as possible.''

"The Need for Speed" | Bests Review | June 2001 | "The Internet has exacerbated the demand for faster service; customers expect to be served in real time." The life insurance industry is not keeping up. 

"Convergence in the spotlight: The one-stop financial shop may not be far off" | Insurance & Technology | 31 May 2001 | Alliances make it practical to reach new audiences. "Currently, notes Harris [of Gartner Group], 31 percent of U.S. insurers have partnerships to market insurance products online and 46 percent of those marketing agreements are with banks." As one example of strategy, AIG is "offering all of its products online." with sites including  " a site focused on consumer and small business products including auto, homeowners and life insurance and some banking products; AIGonline, a risk management site for business professionals;, a site for brokers and agents; and, for general information."

[Studies by  Booz, Allen & Hamilton say that the number of alliances in the United States has grown by 25 percent each year since 1987.]

"The Need for Speed" | Bests Review | June 2001 | "The Internet has exacerbated the demand for faster service; customers expect to be served in real time." The life insurance industry is not keeping up. 

"What web sites provide Auto Insurance Quotes?" | from Bindable Technologies | 29 May 01 | Includes direct links to insurance company and agency websites for online auto insurance quotes. Discusses, from a consumer's perspective, where to get started shopping for online auto insurance.[Bindable is the sponsor or this Articles site. Suggested improvements are solicited for any of our work. Separately, for help with your efforts to plan or evolve your own auto insurance site for quoting thru issuance, consider:]

"Questions about Auto Insurance" | from Bindable Technologies | 29 May 01 | Includes questions that should be answered by any insurance or financial services company offering auto insurance on the web.

 "Online Auto Insurance: A Few New Wrinkles Can’t Disguise The Same Old Problems" | by Ara C. Trembly Natl Underwriter | May 2001 | "Auto insurance quotes gathered online could vary by as much as 300% on the same risk." The author encountered frustrations and notes some improvements during the last year. [He refused use of his SSN and apparently expected accuracy? Some Non-Standard Programs were quoted ignoring his incident free record.] Lowest quotes were from "The Hartford’s AARP Program ($957.75 per year) and Amica ($947 per year)" with many others not far behind. 

Survey of 284 Sites by Kasina: "MetLife Auto & Home Takes Top Honors in 2001 Web Survey; Property and Casualty Evaluation Ranks Company Number 1 in Content, Number 3 in Technology" | Business Wire | 27 Apr 01 | 2001 listing of the Top 20 web sites in the property and casualty insurance industry, compiled by the management consulting firm Kasina. 

The Kasina survey involved over 1,000 work hours and evaluated the web sites of 284 insurers in five categories: branding, content, online services, usability, and web technology. The MetLife site is particularly good at educating. In Web Technology the leaders were AIG, Progressive and MetLife.  About 60 of the 294 sites provide at least some quote capability.

[Recommended.] WebCriteria Rates Insurance Web Sites | Business Wire via NorthernLights |16 Apr 01 | Study provides benchmark data on applying for an auto insurance. The process took 4 to 9 minutes among these sites: Allstate, American Family, E-Insure, GEICO, ESPN, Insweb, National Merit, Progressive, Prudential, State Farm and Travelers.  [The screen shots show how differently the same process can be implemented.]

This is Tomorrow | by Ben P. Rosenfield Technology Decisions | Apr 01 | asked several industry veterans. John Ashenhurst pointed to the need for all channels of communication,   "The industry will provide multi-channel programs-allowing the consumer to use the Internet, e-mail, chat, fax, mail-to agents, call centers, and companies as it suits them."

Ben Salzmann, president and CEO of Heritage Mutual, where they have already made it possible for a consumer to access a claim adjuster online, suggests developing profile maintenance solutions. "In the future, you'll be paying $29.95 a year to maintain confidential profile information," he said. "The secure information will be released to banks, creditors, insurance carriers, and others with your permission only. You give out your consumer ID at your discretion, and the transaction can occur instantly, rather than over a few months."

"What's Happening at Post-Merger CSC?" | by Kathy Burger,  InsuranceTech |10 Apr 01| [not exactly on topic. PMSC becomes Mynd then CSC ...] "CSC's objective is to provide end-to-end solutions."

Property - casualty insurers web efforts lacking in strategy and customer focus, says Conning & Company | | 4/2/2001 | "Most insurer web sites fail to give consumers a compelling reason to use them." Conning assessed 44 personal lines sites. 

 [Recommended.] 20 Questions Successful online underwriting means getting a few key pieces of information and offering a competitive quote- all within minutes. | Bests Review Technology | March 2001 |

"Survey shows Internet use by auto and life insurance consumers growing gradually" | by E E Mazier National Underwriter | 26 March 2001 | Survey of 1,000 online consumers sponsored by McKinsey & Company in Fall 2000. 90% say they want to use the internet for auto insurance comparison. Nearly half want agent interaction or "robust online advice" to help them make their purchases. 

Don't 'bet your life' on getting a low rate online for term life insurance |  by Ara C Trembly National Underwriter | 26 March 2001 | Study conducted in March 2001 shows web users have better experiences. Rates for same cover vary more than August 2000. For same risk profile and coverage the InsWeb site quoted a low of $248 while had a low of $194 and at ebix $269 and BestQuote $211 and Quotesmith $177. The others points out that several sites provided unwanted quotes, quotes that did not meet the policy traits requested.

The Web: Money Machine | by Robert Reggaes Hype Technology Decisions | March 2001 | 'study by Richard J. Robby for  Tower Group, "E-commerce Opportunities in Personal Lines Insurance," warns carriers who are slow to develop ecommerce presence will lose customers. Robby predicts 2001 cumulative savings from ecommerce of $15 billion from investments of just $2.5 billion. 

INSURANCE ONLINE Window Shopping Online Aggregators created a new business model, but sales have been slow to develop.  | by Barbara Bowers Bests Review Technology | March 2001 | Michael A. Cohen of A.M. Best says cost of a basic policy administration transaction 45 cents using the Internet, $19 for an agency and $8 for a call center. Cohen predicts as much as $15 billion of new life,  $20 billion new p&c premium online in 2003. Current InsWeb statistics for 9 months of 2000: 10 million sessions 1.7 million completed application forms issuing 75,000 policies. 

"Surprise! Selling through the Web is hard!!!" | National Underwriter | March 26, 2001 "Meanwhile, many of the independent brokerage sites that dare consumers to  compare appear to be expensive, flashy flops."  "It's really the first inning of the ball game." "In most cases, the quote is inaccurate." [Those pitfalls can get us. - Bruce]

Online Insurance: Too Many Hurdles? |  E-Commerce Times | 01-Mar-01 | On  "To really understand the challenge that confronts insurance companies trying to adapt their business model to online sales, consider these roadblocks: " 

CNNdotCOM Tools: Buying insurance online | | February 10, 2001 | Comments from Owen Thomas of eCompany magazine providing a simple introduction.

Insurance agents seek bright online future | by Susan E. Fisher Infoworld | Dec 22 2000 | Chris Garson of Progressive, "Every company is trying to figure out how to leverage technology to help the agent." Forrester predicts $4 billion online in auto, home owners, and simple life insurance in 2003. YouZoom in California supports agency Web storefronts, with 24/7 call center support.  Frank Weinrauch, vice president of business development at ChannelPoint. "Consumers have indicated that they want a human being [involved in their insurance purchases], but it's not clear if that human being has to be in a call center or chat session or across the street or down the block."

[Recommended.] "Evaluating the Online Auto Quote process for 5 Carriers" from  AIG Direct, AllState, Conseco, Kemper, State Farm. Conducted December 8, 2000.  [You may also want to read the similar comparisons at the Gomez Site where they profile 10 eAgency sites including InsWeb, QuoteSmith,, YouDecide, etc. and over 15 carrier sites.] 

"In Search of the Magic Formula Web companies struggle to sell direct to consumers. " | By Russ Banham Independent Agent Magazine | November 2000 | The status and business models of QuickenInsurance, InsWeb, Ebix and Quotesmith are reviewed discussing difficulties generating bindable rates and with long waits by users on the web.

Shopping for insurance reaches the digital age | IDC Research | August 2000 | IDC predicts  the Internet will influence 37% of all premiums purchased in 2004. electronic signatures to stimulate demand. 

Articles by Company Name, listed alphabetically using the name of the primary Company described in the article
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AAA of California
"AAA Auto Club of California Auto Club Web Site Additions Offer Newest Car- Buying Tools" | Business Wire via NorthernLight | 26 Jun 01 | [This article points to a trend toward comprehensive website content related to a subject. Auto Insurance is only an important portion of vehicle ownership.] 

The AAA affiliate  provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for members. "Vehicle pricing, financial calculations, insurance rate quote request forms and information about the Auto Club's buying and financing programs are also included in the car-buying site. Online users also can locate Auto Club services to help them purchase pre-owned cars and trucks."

"Prospective used cars shown online already have been checked out" ... 


Automobile association goes with the flow” | 6-Feb-02 | Lynn Haber for TechUpdate from ZiffDavis| "No matter what e-commerce application we were going to develop, it would serve as a front-end to our existing legacy back-end system," says Steven Couch of IS. The automobile application process went from 7 days to hours. “The application goes through the rules engine to determine how it should be handled, then gets routed to the correct underwriter using the Acenza workflow software, showing up as a new task in the underwriter's work queue.”The articles describes some of the development process and software used from FiServ and FileNet with IBM’s WebSphere.
Java drives AAA Missouri's site” | 13-Feb-02 | Lynn Haber for TechUpdate from ZiffDavis| "Working with IT consultants from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and about a half-dozen developers from AAA Missouri developed the e-commerce application … with IBM's tool set including webSphere and VisualAge for Java 3.02 with a DB2 database.”
Access CoverageCorp
"Reaching the Next Level in Agency Interface" | PRNewswire | 18 Dec 01 | Starting with BOP and Umbrella from TheHartford, software from Access Coverage is in use at BB&T Insurance Services. The Intelligent Interchange software implements a underwriting rules engine that enables an agency to complete a single on-line application that captures and transmits insurer specific underwriting information for each participating carrier. 

AgentSecure(now part of InsureZone) 
"Latest Endorsements Give AgentSecure the Backing of 23 State IIAA Organizations Representing 13,000-Plus Agents" | 19 Feb 02 |  Now part of InsureZone, AgentSecure continues as a well regarded site and service for rural agents and for agencies that want wholesale access to selected major carriers. IIAA groups in the following states recently added their endorsements:  Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oregon and Tennessee.  AgentSecure also added to the industries targeted by its commercial package programs. AgentSecure wholesales for AIG, CNA, The Hartford, SAFECO, The St. Paul and Zurich North America Small Business.

[Editor -- See similar progress being made by competitor, InsuranceNoodle.]
"CHANGING THE PLAYING FIELD AgentSecure gives small and rural agents unaccustomed access to small commercial coverages and big brand carriers." | by Len Strazewski Rough Notes | Oct 01 | AgentSecure as a wholesaler provides access to AIG, CNA, Kemper, Safeco, and St. Paul. About 400 agents are actively using AgentSecure. The acquisition of AgentSecure by InsureZone may provide access to independent agencies for local contact with customers of national financial companies.

"Convergence in the spotlight: The one-stop financial shop may not be far off" | Insurance & Technology | 31 May 2001 | see above for abstract

AIG Excess Casualty offers tool for quoting, binding umbrellas
1/11/2001 2:17:00 PM American International Group (AIG) said that its AIG Excess Casualty unit has...  [AIG Auto]

B2B Insurance Venture | By Chick Moozakis InternetWeek| November 20, 2000 | Dun & Bradstreet & AIG in Avantrust joint venture insures against credit fraud, site failures and loss of cargo, and netAdvantage, which insures web sites against outages, hacker attacks and security breaches. Avantrust supports online MarketPlaces and exchanges  authenticates identities of individuals and businesses.

AJASENT (vendor) 
"Ajasent announces interactive, online comparative software demo room. New Vendors Choose Ajasent as an ASP Platform."  | Ajasent | 9 Apr 01 | 

Already supporting the DORIS management system as an ASP, Ajasent added support for both Instar and AgencySolutions and has demos of all three at 

About Ajasent: Ajasent hosts the software needed by an agency making it possible to have only work stations at the agency. In addition to the management system they also host standard rating products, MVR programs, popular premium finance packages, etc. In addition, Ajasent hosts leading edge collaborative applications from Microsoft (Office 2000 and Outlook for e-mail). 

Allenbrook  [carrier software portion of AMS Services. Also see TowerStreet]
Allenbrook Phoenix Version 6.1 | Business Wire | 2 April 2001 | Web Manager provides a browser based interface for policy, rate, and quote inquiries. Web Manager distributes inquiry and quoting capability to internal and external users or distribution channels via the browser.

Allstate  | Gomez Recognized for Interactive Auto Insurance Coverage Guide by Gomez | PR Newswire | 5 Oct 01 | Gomez recognizes for best practices relating to online auto insurance coverage selection tools, to assist consumers in the process of selecting auto insurance  coverages, limits and deductibles.

"Gomez research shows almost half the consumers looking online for auto insurance coverages and pricing ultimately abandon the quote process." Coverage, limit, and deductible selection can help consumers with one of the more difficult parts of the process.

"Allstate, Kanetix partner in online auto insurance quote comparison service" | Northern Light | 21 Dec 01 | Offered to consumers in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and the Maritimes, the Kanetix service includes quotes from both broker based companies and direct writers.

"Allstate Gets a Hand with Customer Service" | By Lou Hirsh | March 28, 2001 | The company collaborated with Microsoft, consulting firm Accenture and CRM services provider ClientSoft, among others.

Allstate Chooses Xchange To Meld CRM Operations | By Robert Conlin | March 8, 2001 | "to tie our entire CRM infrastructure" 

Allstate Stays True To Net Mission | InternetWeek | January 26 2001 |
A little more than a year after committing to sell insurance online as part of an ambitious multi channel strategy, Allstate Insurance Co. has had to swallow some tough medicine to stay on course.

Report: Allstate Will Trigger  Online Insurance War | By Chet Dembeck   E-Commerce Times | February 1, 2000 | Quoting from a report by Forrester, the challenges are described, "customers will demand a combination of personalized attention from their local agents and direct sales and service access from Allstate." "Allstate must find a way to Internet-enable thousands of agents,  many who feel threatened by technology."

American Express P&C
Costco Wholesale Members Offered Insurance by the American Express Property Casualty Companies | PR Newswire | 8-Aug-01 | Auto and home insurance are offered to 12 million Costco member households in twenty two states via partnership between Costco Insurance Agency and Amex." Quotes are available by phone and online "by visiting and clicking on services, then clicking on auto and home insurance."

American Fidelity

American Fidelity eDirect Announces Product DistributionDeal With Banc Insurance Services and MKTech” | PRNewswire | 7-May-02 | For the 500,000 depositors of BankSite with help from BIS and MKTech"Wrapping the education, communication and technology tools of MKTecharound the product and distribution capabilities of American Fidelity will create a new standard for the sale of insurance in the bank space."

Amica Insurance (carrier)
"Fair, Isaac's ClickPremium Accelerates Amica's Auto Insurance Underwriting Process" | Business Wire | 20 Jun 01 | "Fair, Isaac's ClickPremium gives insurers the ability to automatically quote, underwrite and bind policies using application information as well as external information needed to make a decision, from insurance bureau scores to motor vehicle reports to loss information."

Amica's Web Site is Tops for `Life Buyers'  | Business Wire | Feb 14, 2001 | [Amica also does nice work with Auto.] Gomez ranked as the Top Internet Insurance Carrier for Winter 2000 in the Life Buyer category based on its instant online quoting capabilities & policyholder access to online self service.

AMS Services (vendor. See Also Towerstreet, Allenbrook)
"AMS Services Rolls Out Sagitta Online" | Feb 02 | SoundingLine |  AMS now provides Sagitta Online.

Internet Quotes Win Votes | By Len Strazewski Rough Notes | March 31 2001 | From AMS their online comparative rating service , "QuoteNETworks has been sold to more than 220 agencies throughout the United States." "The system also includes a lead-generation and tracking system that alerts an agency by electronic mail whenever a quote is issued." "Though QuoteNETworks is designed for independent agents, some agents may also access a similar Rating Services product from their insurers. Late last year, Rating Services announced NETRater, a service for property/casualty insurers, managing general agencies and insurance portal Web sites."

Answer Financial
Answer Financial Jumps to the Top of's Insurance Buyer Rankings| BusinessWire | 16-Aug-01 | Answer led in "relationship services" and has the second highest overall score. Gomez praised Answer for, " "vast amounts of insurance-related educational content and instant online quotes for a broad selection of products, including auto, homeowner's, health and term life insurance."

"GetSmart Adds Brokerage and Auto Insurance Search to Its Growing List of Financial Services and Products" | PRNewswire | 9-Jul-01 |GetSmart is a financial services marketplace that announced an Auto Insurance service powered by Answer Financial. It enables consumers to obtain online quotes plus the other capabilities from Answer including educational material about insurance and a needs calculator. 

Incentive Program From Answer Financial Broadens Appeal Of Online Insurance Market | PR Newswire via Yahoo | 22 May 01 | Adding to the 15 million affinity group members they serve, Answer Financial now provides referral fees. Those referred can get real time quotes for "auto, home, life, health, dental, long-term care ands annuity products, as well as, prepaid legal services; professional income tax assistance; home warranties; vision and prescription discount plans; online banking; credit cards travel protection, including roadside assistance and pet insurance. " "More than 200 web sites have already signed up, including:,, DrBenefits Interactive, and"

BISYS  (for Life and related Quoting -- Vendor, Agency, Wholesaler)
BISYS(R) Signs Agreement with Legg Mason | PR Newswire | 22 May 01 | The 1,300 Legg Mason financial planners will have "access to a broad range of traditional life and long-term care insurance products." "BISYS will also provide comprehensive back office support services" allowing Legg Mason to function as a Virtual Agency. 

BISYS(R) Acquires The Advanced Markets, LLC (TAM) And the Related PJ Robb Companies | PR Newswire | Mar 1 2001 | BISYS, a wholesale distributors of life insurance products for high-end clients of agencies and brokers provides: online case status, real-time competitive quoting,  its agency management system for back office case processing, .and customized web sites for agencies.

BISYS(R) Signs Agreement With Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd. | PR Newswire | 12-Mar-01 | Through its alliances with more than 200 insurance companies, BISYS will provide Advisory Group with centralized access to traditional life insurance products with a portfolio of complementary support services, including advanced case review.

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Florida (carrier)
"Florida Blue Cross to Sell Insurance Online" | 27-Jun-01 | Reuters | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida worked with implementing sales through enrollment in the company's health plans. 

[This represents trends toward Call Center and Web integration and toward comprehensive website selling rather than only quoting. Health insurance is becoming more generally available and where the All Lines approach becomes a competitive advantage of increasing importance.  -- Bruce] 

"According to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, 32 of the nation's 45 Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans allow individuals or businesses to get a quote online, nine allow people to complete an application online and one allows individuals to purchase coverage online."

| 26-Jun-01 | Business Wire | the release about the same Blue Cross site: "Real-time Integration & High-end Customer Service are Key to Program

"The Web Sales site guides customers toward self enrollment in BCBSF's Over- and Under 65 health care plans, and offers the option to communicate directly with a customer service representative at every step in the process." 

[Integration of Call Center with website will become fundamental for most insurance sites. -- Bruce] 

Real-time integration across multiple channels and high-end customer care are central to the sales initiative. Licensed insurance agents field customer inquiries over the phone, via e-mail and live, text based "chat." Agents can access real-time information about customer contact history, and if requested by the customer, responses customers provide to questions about age, health background and insurance plan preference.

The customer service agents use Web enabled communication tools such as Web page sharing and collaborative form filling to assist customers with the enrollment process. Additionally, they produce personalized application packets, confirmation letters and related materials for customers who prefer to receive hard copies via the U.S. Postal Service. built the Web Sales site on top of Siebel's eHealthcare customer relationship management platform " ... 

California Casualty
"META Group finds 49% ROI from California Casualty's Plumtree-powered portal" | PRNewswire | 12 Nov 01 | 
The site "could realize a moderate four-year return" according to the study. Meanwhile, it seems that premium growth must be significant. "California Casualty is currently undergoing an aggressive expansion to all 50 states in the U.S. and believes that will help drive future growth and expansion."

ChannelPoint (vendor)
"PRIORITY® Provides Rating To ChannelPoint Agencies in Seven States" | PropertyAndCasualty | 14-May-01 | "PRIORITY will be converting ChannelPoint personal lines users in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Washington to the Windows®-based desktop comparative rating system, PriorityRate® for auto and home." Priority was selected, in part, because they provide "Internet-based comparative rating on, as well as online lead generation with" 

"ChoicePoint to Acquire MITI" | National Underwriter |8 June 01 |The insurance and credit service provider acquires a Direct Marketing systems. "MITI focuses on developing and delivering customized prospecting platforms  for large, sophisticated database marketers."

"Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Selects Xythos
Software" | 24 Sep 01 | To support complex underwriting and other needs where documents stored in a departmental system need to be securely shared with other departments or entities, Chubb has selected and implemented an XML and HTTP IETF standard, WebDAV using WebDAV software from Xythos.

[Editor -- As one of a few technology leaders in insurance, we can all learn by observing Chubb.]

"Chubb Insurance Launches Innovator for Software" | PR Newswire | 17 Sep 01 | The 1st industry targeted with the new Chubb Innovator platform is Software with a Quote to Issuance e-Commerce Insurance Solution. Coverages include office and computer property, R&D property, general liability, and employee dishonesty with optional Errors and Omissions. It is being piloted with broker Hunter Keilty Muntz & Beatty. Chubb's clients and brokers will be able to obtain a quote and find out if a customer qualifies for a particular product in less than five minutes. If they meet the underwriting guidelines of the product, they can then have the policy in the customer's hands in less than an hour.

The team included Chubb employees, Slingshot Communications and KPMG, developed both the Innovator platform and the Innovator for Software e-commerce solution. Two additional products, Innovator for Safety'NET, which will protect companies against the perils associated with their online presence, and Innovator for Boiler Risks will be introduced over the next few months.

"CNA Delivers Expanded Online Quoting Capabilities, Issuance Request, and Policy Information Export Functions" | Business Wire | 1 Oct 01 | "CNA Central now offers the online capabilities that make it possible to complete many CNA policies entirely over the Internet. New features for  BAPP, Commercial Automobile and Workers' Compensation include: online eligibility (underwriting selection), policy information export for both AMS and Applied, One-on-one online chat capability with a CNA professional, and most endorsements for Commercial Auto.

"CompuCom and GSA Break New Ground in the Insurance Industry;   Custom, Mobile Application Advances Productivity and Improves ROI" | 19 Feb 02 | Business Wire |  Helping GSA as an agency to quote Long Term Care for seniors, the Compucon (Nasdaq:CMPC) hand-held rating is being tested with agents in Florida. " Misquoted rates and human calculation errors are now virtually eliminated from the rate generation process."

"CoverageCorp Raises $8 Million in Second Round Financing" | PRNewswire via Yahoo | 26 Apr 01 | Capital Z Partners, The Hartford, LC39 and Selective Insurance participated. The capital will be used to expand the Company's Virtual Insurance Platform (VIP) for commercial lines to deliver multiple carrier, bindable underwriting decisions through a single entry format to agents, brokers and other financial intermediaries.

Countrywide Credit (NYSE: CCR)
Countrywide Insurance Services Introduces Online Quotes for Condo Insurance | PR Newswire | 10 Oct 01 | added condo insurance quotes and the major topics consumers should consider before purchasing condo insurance. Today Countrywide Insurance Services has more than 500,000 policies in force, representing annual premiums in excess of $200 million. 

"Digital Insurance Expands its U.S. Presence With the Addition of Several Prominent Health Insurance Carriers" | PRNewswire | 14 Jun 01 | Individual and small group customers can quote, compare, apply for and purchase health plans on the web with optional advice and help from licensed health insurance professionals, who are available by phone and live Web chat.  In addition to health they offer COBRA alternatives with short-term coverage as well as access to student health plans, dental coverage and prescription drug discount plans. Their recent agreements are with Kaiser Permanente of Georgia, Golden Rule, HealthPartners of Minnesota which adds to previous agreements with Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Health Net of California, Oxford Health Plans, PacifiCare and UNICARE.

The company's Life Products Division, formerly InsureRate, supplies  Internet-based software platforms to assist with online and offline sales and management of life insurance and annuity products. 

DirectNet (Countrywide)
"Sovereign Bank and DirectNet form Alliance to offer Personal Insurance to Bank Customers" | PRNewswire | 18 Dec 01 | 
Sovereign Bank customers are now able to access and compare a broad selection of personal insurance products that include homeowners insurance, condo insurance, home warranty, auto insurance and term life insurance through Customers can receive online quotes from some of the nation's leading insurance companies, as well as consult with licensed insurance professionals via phone or e-mail."
DirectNet Insurance Agency is a subsidiary of Countrywide Credit Industries, Inc., (NYSE: CCR)

eBix (Vendor)
"Ebix Launches New ASP-based Management System" | Feb 02 | SoundingLine |  Hosted either by an agency itself of by, the ASP based software allows secure access even including wireless access. Wireless support capabilities include "notification of business appointments, review of summary business reports on their handheld, and the ability to respond immediately to other opportunities." 

Ins-Site Insurance Solutions Inc. and Consummate Closing | Business Wire | 24 May 01 | Ebix continues to add to its capabilities. Ins-site has some tools that look like they will help. Ins-site's 8,000 agents and several new carriers for Ebix adds to the portion of the market that they cover. Reports Profitable First Quarter Results  | Business Wire via Yahoo | 11 May 01 | Ebix reported a $140,000 profit with $3.1 million in revenue in the first quarter. Formerly the agency management system company Delphi Information Systems, it looks like Ebix, after major cuts in expenses, is on track to be profitable and grow.  Ebix now provides live rate quoting access to 40 carriers.

Separately on 14 May 01 Ebix announced that it is using the technology of enfoTrust privacy technology and will deploy it with the 60 independent websites now using Ebix. enfoTrust "gives users complete control over their personal information in a private and secure vault."

About, Inc. Selects as the Exclusive Third Party Provider of Insurance Services for About's Millions of Users | Business Wire | Feb 12 2001 | About to  make Ebix co-branded site available to users from channels such as Auto, Health, Money, Real Estate and Family, as well as from many of About's targeted GuideSites offers consumers access to quotes from 30 carriers and over 1,000 agents

Specialist European Insurance Group Agrees to Invest in and Promote & Use Services Throughout Its Group Companies  | Business Wire | Feb 6 2001 | potentially producing significant revenue streams over the next two years &  BRIT Insurance Holdings PLC (LSE: BRE.L) Partners With Risk Management Technologies, Inc. to Offer Automated Surety Bond Management Through Its Newest Agency Management System  | Business Wire | Jan 25 2001 | will integrate The Surety Bond Technician(TM), its automated bond management system, with Ebix ASP so agents and brokers can complete surety transactions without multiple data HP-enabled e-service which Inc. launched in September 1999 Signs Up 7 New Carriers to Quote On Auto Insurance (Business Wire) | Jan 16 2001 | Inc., the world's most comprehensive insurance portal, today announced that seven new carriers have signed agreements to provide auto insurance quotes on Thirteen carriers are now signed up to provide quotes to auto insurance consumers.

"Running For eCoverage, eCoverage is sassily taking on the insurance business" | Business 2.0 | Mar 01 |  one take on the pure model for an insurance carrier. Some extracts from the article: "just answer the 16 questions in the site's JavaScript form (most of eCoverage's competitors have many more questions) and in about a minute, you have your quote. Answer another 14 questions and in about as many more minutes, you have yourself a policy. The entire process from quote to coverage can take as little as 15 minutes. Policy updates can be made online. And claims can be filed round-the-clock, online or by phone, whichever you prefer" | the CSR on the phone with the website used can "simultaneously track where the customer is on the Website" | "Another study by Booz Allen&Hamilton found that the Internet could cut costs in the insurance industry by up to 60 percent, mostly in the areas of distribution and customer service."

Electric Insurance
"Electric Insurance Announces Launch of QuickQuote(TM) Feature and Comparative Rating Tool" | 26 Oct 01 | PR Newswire | EIC added a QuickQuote feature. If the customer fits a preferred risk profile, they can complete the quote process in about 2 minutes. They also added comparative quoting with help from Quadrant Information Services ( Measurements shows that each feature improves the  visitor-to-sale conversion rates. The ``TopRate'' technology, provided by Quadrant Information Services, Inc. (, allows Electric Insurance to display accurate premium quotations from several major competitors.

"Insurer's Web site speeds sign-up" | By Kirsten Haukebo, USA TODAY | 9 May 01 | Electric received the Quality Cup from USA Today and Rochester Institute of Technology. With the redesigned site Quoting is 50% faster, e-mail response time improved by 72%, and database response time went up 90%. From 15% of premium using the Internet in April 2000 the portion increased to 45% in March 2001. The number of states covered has doubled to 25 available to 70% of the US population.

Some of the improvements made included to put disqualifying questions first - instead of at the end - so people with too many violations wouldn't have to fill out all the forms. They added help buttons in addition to the existing glossary so that users do not need to leave the quote screen to look something up. The site now lets customers see where they are in the process and highlights in red any missing information.

Electric Insurance Launches Instant Online Home Insurance Quoting | PR Newswire | Jan 8, 2001 | Electric Insurance Company - - a Massachusetts direct writer of automobile and homeowner's insurance, last week unveiled its new online homeowner's insurance quoting feature for 18 states.

Electric Insurance launches online homeowner's insurance quoting feature | PropertyAndCasualty | Jan 10, 2001 |

Companies Personalize Web Insurance Services | | 4/3/2001 |  Acentas and Entresoft join to manage the sale of term life online, offline.

eSurance (direct writer)

"Esurance Now Available in 27 States With Latest Addition of Texas" | PR Newswire | 27 Nov 01 |

"eAutoclaims To Provide Internet-Based Direct Repair Program Solution for Esurance" | PR Newswire | 17 Oct 01 | ``In addition to the cycle-time reduction benefits, the eAutoclaims' DRP solution also provides Esurance customers with express turnaround time and guaranteed repair solutions through its Preferred Provider Network of over 3,000 collision repair facilities in all 50 states,'' said Patrick Fracaro, Director of Claims at Esurance.

Patelco Teams With Esurance to Introduce Nation's First Integrated Online Auto Insurance and Loan Platform  | PR Newswire | 20-Aug-01 |Esurance and San Francisco-based Patelco Credit Union added insurance quoting thru claims to to combine Patelco's online application and approval of auto loans with insurance. "The two companies have agreed to jointly market the service online to the credit union's customers."

Carfax Teams With eSurance | PR Newswire via NorthernLight | 14 May 01 | A consumer who buys from Carfax a vehicle history report will now be able to "quickly get an insurance quote on the car they are researching and purchase coverage from eSurance without ever leaving" 

eSurance is a portion of a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group (NYSE: WTM). 

"eSurance Teams With California Coast Credit Union" | PrNewswire | 30 Apr 01 |  California Coast customers use the site access auto insurance quotes and coverage. eSurance is a complete quote-to-claims online insurance provider that combines the service of an agent based insurance company with the competitive rates of a direct insurance provider. 

ePolicy Announces Alliance With | Business Wire | Mar 19, 2001 | alliance with to 1 million small business customers from top carriers offering BOP, comp, commercial umbrella and personal lines.

ePolicy Forges Alliance With Philadelphia Insurance Companies to Provide professional liability and  malpractice insurance to ePolicy's small business clients. | Feb 15, 2001 | Business Wire |

Fair, Isaac
"'Smart' Integration Service Links Customer Data from Multiple Sources" | CRMDaily | 11 Dec 01 | SmartLink, powered by using the billion-plus record database at Equifax, provides individualized and household views of customers and prospects, "including in-store buying patterns, ATM, Web, catalog, direct mail, telemarketing, credit and other activities, Fair, Isaac said. In the same release Fair, Isaac announced, it "will provide integration for ClickPremium service, a real-time underwriting decision making application, to Siebel's eInsurance and to LiquidCredit service, part of eFinance's application." and e-Bode
"Dramatic Agent Reaction to e-Bode Systems Free Comparative Engine!" | PR Newswire | 4 Sep 01 |At the Atlanta Insurance Expo 2001 agencies signed up to use the free quoting service at  FreeRater is starting with personal auto for Georgia and planning to expand. Built by e-Bode, it showcases their ASP capabilities for Agencies and MGAs.

"AIG, Kemper, Pru Join Forces form Fusura as an Aggregator | by Ara C. Trembley Natl Underwriter | Feb 01 | Fusura "will allow consumers to research, buy, and manage their personal lines insurance needs online. The consortium said it aims to offer an end-to-end solution to brokerages, retail banks and other financial institutions, media companies, "and other organizations that have leading personal finance Web properties." 

"Lawyers save time with" | | 24 Apr 01 | GE's Westport Insurance Corporation co-branded with Westport's Program Administrators. Helping law firms to reduce the work to determine their insurance needs, the site includes a premium estimate form, new application forms and a limits quiz to help them identify the limits of liability that may be right for their firm.

" provides customers with a more personal, productive online experience" | | 9 Apr 01 | GE's Employers Reinsurance Corporation enhanced the site for facultative customers.  ""Our customers wanted improved cycle time for quoting and binding risk." Cycle time that was typically 5 days now takes only minutes.

Hartford   Please see The Hartford

Hibernia Adds Online Life Insurance Quotes | Business Wire | Jan 16, 2001 | Customers visiting get can  online life insurance quotes from several of America's best life insurance companies in a matter of minutes. The newly added technology allows any U.S. resident to receive instant, comparative quotes from top tier life insurance carriers and begin the application process online.

Highmark Life & Casualty Group
"Disability and Life Insurance Quotes Available Instantly Online" | PRNewswire | 6 June 01 | One of the first with these lines of business, for small businesses with less than 100 employees. Implemented with Commerce bank at In addition to quoting and enrollment, "other features include the ability to download policies and certificates, and customer service online or through a toll free telephone number."

IBSi (vendor)
IBSi Reinvents Business Model with YOUrelate Deployment  | PR Newswire | 10 Apr 01 | Software allows brokers for Group Health and related lines to  select, price, quote and sell. (agency)
" Expands Online Marketing Strategy
More joint ventures | BestsReview | Oct 01 | "Fidelity Investments subsidiary ( said it entered a series of strategic online marketing agreements with some of the Web's key players, including America Online, Bloomberg, Bankrate, Yahoo!, Multex and Learning Network/Family Education." 

" Announces Online Marketing Partnerships" with with America Online (AOL), Bloomberg, Bankrate (RATE), Yahoo! (YHOO), Multex (MLTX), and Learning Network | Business Wire | 16-Jul-01 | " is growing site traffic by 30 percent each month, with 25 percent of those visitors being repeat visitors." They also announced an increased emphasis on the company's affiliation with Fidelity Investments.

"Eprise Ensures Effective and Reliable Content Management for" | Business Wire | 5 June 2001 | already provides a lot of content to help the insured understand insurance. By using the software from Eprise (Nasdaq: EPRS). Use of the Eprise Participant Server will help tailor what content is presented to each user including content from third parties. Enters Into Strategic Relationship With Reliaquote to Provide Life Insurance Quoting and Customer Service  | Business Wire | Feb 6 2001 |, an affiliate of Fidelity Investments(R), today announced that it has entered into a strategic relationship with ReliaQuote(SM) Insurance Services to provide private labeled life insurance quoting, product fulfillment and customer service.

InsuranceNoodle (wholesaler)
"InsuranceNoodle Announces Partnership with 1,000th `NoodleNetwork' Insurance Agency" | 20 Feb 02 | Business Wire |   "InsuranceNoodle is adding approximately 100 new NoodleNetwork partners every month." Noodle's web based technology is used to serve small business customers by screening risks, collecting all underwriting information required by top-line carriers via a Single Entry Multi-Carrier Interface (SEMCI), and allowing the posting and binding of quotes
online within two business days. 

InsuranceNoodle wholesales for AIG, Chubb, CNA Surety, The Hartford, Kemper, The St. Paul, and Zurich U.S.

InsuranceNoodle Now Offers Quality Insurance Products From Chubb  | Business Wire | 9-Aug-01 |to distribute Chubb's Innovator (tm) with coverages developed specifically for emerging information technology companies.

"Business model success demonstrated by market acceptance, revenue traction, strong future prospects." | 12-Jul-01 | Business Wire | In its first year, InsuranceNoodle has grown to where they are now "licensed in 40 states, offering five major insurance product lines, working with several leading national insurers, and building an extensive distribution network of more than 300 insurance agency partners across the country." 

Lines being added include Employment Practices, Special Liability, home based businesses, and a package for hi-tech consulting and software companies. Capabilities added include access to sales and product brochures, a carrier appetite preview.

"InsuranceNoodle Announces Completion of Technology Upgrades, New Web Site Functionality" | Business Wire | 20 Jun 01 | "The online underwriting application process for more than 600 small business classifications has been both customized and simplified, and now links seamlessly to insurer rating and quoting systems using proprietary technology."

"Using your Noodle" | By John Maes Rough Notes | June 2001 | As a wholesaler InsuranceNoodle "uses a proprietary software setup and electronic linkages with six carriers: AIG, CNA Surety, Kemper, St. Paul, The Hartford and Zurich to search for coverage availability in a given area"  to return a quote or declination within 24 hours. The company is "operational in 38 states as a market for workers comp, businessowners, commercial auto and umbrella liability for small shop owners, professional service firms, wholesalers, light manufacturing businesses, trade contractors, and self-employeds." It's SEMCI for the agency with Noodle employees and software chasing after the markets to get a response.

Separately, Noodle announced licensing in it's 40th state.

"InsuranceNoodle Now Licensed in 37 States" | Yahoo | April 4, 2001 | ``Over 84% of small businesses in the U.S. now have access to tailored business insurance solutions. "InsuranceNoodle offers  tailored coverage at competitive prices for agencies and small business owners providing comparative quotes and online purchasing of products from leading insurers such as AIG, The Hartford, Kemper, The St. Paul and Zurich.

InsuranceNoodle Now Licensed in California | Business Wire | March 7 2001 | InsuranceNoodle announced today that it is licensed to sell insurance in California - the nation's single largest market of small businesses....... "Over 82% of small businesses in the U.S. now have access to tailored business insurance solutions through our network of independent insurance agencies or directly online," added Rudy....... The company employs Internet based technology to provide independent insurance agents and small business owners world class commercial insurance products and services....... Property and liability, workers' compensation, commercial auto, and surety are among the lines of insurance offered....... Our Internet based agency management tools enable streamlined quoting, binding and service of small business accounts....... InsuranceNoodle offers agencies and small business owners comparative quotes and online purchasing of products from leading insurers such as AIG.

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About  Architecture, Rating Interfaces

Insurance Technology Solutions
"Interstate Insurance Group Selects Insurance Technology Solutions to Web-Enable Insurance Distribution Process" | Business Wire | 2-Oct-01 | Starting with professional liability, the private label website for Interstate automates in real time the rating, quoting, binding, policy issuance, renewals and endorsements. ITS will fully automate the distribution of IIG's products to MGAs, who will be able to rate, quote, bind and issue policies online from their offices. The capability to automate sub-producer processes also will be added before year end.

InsureHighTech (broker)
InsureHiTech successfully completes XML Integration Project With AIG | Internet Wire via InsuranceNewsNet | 10 Apr 01 | InsureHiTech is a p&c portal for middle market technology clients. Their site submits to AIG using XML and AIG relays to an underwriter. Includes liability, d&o, employment practices. InsureHiTech completed XML mapping earlier with St. Paul, and Atlantic Mutual Companies, Chubb, Kemper and Royal & Sun Alliance USA over the next few months.

InsureZone (vendor,  MGA)
AgentSecure adds policies from Life, Protective Life, SAFECO Life, Prudential Life and UnumProvident for life, long-term care, disability insurance and 401(k) retirement-plan products, with coverage in every state except Texas and Hawaii. The offering puts online the application process and also the life insurance license agency appointment process. AgentSecure also launched a Commercial Package Policy (CPP) program to find markets for larger risks.

Sovereign Bank Teams With InsureZone on Multi-Channel Insurance Offering To Small Businesses | PR Newswire |9 Oct 01 | "Streamlined solution serves up comparable quotes and policy fulfillment through any combination of on- and offline methods customer chooses." Sovereign Bank, a $34 billion financial institution headquartered in Pennsylvania will offer Businessowner Policy (BOP), Workers' Compensation, Commercial Auto, Umbrella and other coverages.

"InsureZone Unveils Technology Framework That Enables Real-Time Quoting, Underwriting and Purchase of Small Commercial Policies | PR Newswire | 1 Oct 01 | InsureZone announces release of its MarketSecure(TM) technology framework and XML platform that provides "everything necessary to support a nationwide, multi-channel, single- or multi-carrier insurance offering for standard small commercial policies such as Businessowners, Workers' Compensation, Commercial Auto and Umbrella Liability." The platform integrates with the business and class code rules of each carrier, selecting only the appropriate underwriting questions as needed. 

"Users can copy and change applications in order to compare policies and prices using different variables." Underwriting selection routes quote requests only for those requests that pass the underwriting rules for that carrier and line of business. "Expert advice from a licensed agent is readily available through online chat, instant callback, fax or phone conversation."

"MarketSecure incorporates industry-leading software, hardware and middleware from WebLogic, Oracle, Sun, Microsoft and other reputable companies. Code is written in both XML and JSP (Java Server Pages)."

InsureZone Enhances Online Applications  | TechWeb |1 Oct 01  | Short article emphasizes that the platform, used by Chase and Wells Fargo, is now more efficient, asking only the relevant questions for a given risk.

"InsureZone Begins Full Rollout of BrokerSecure(tm)"|PRNewswire | 18-July-2001 |  The new service helps "regional agencies and national brokers more efficiently and profitably service their small commercial books of business while still leveraging the power of their own brands." "Brokers can private label under their own brands a fully automated multi-channel offering that includes a streamlined Web-based application, supported by phone, fax, e-mail and Internet chat with experienced, licensed agents."

"InsureZone Acquires; Announces Endorsements" | PRNewswire | 21 Jun 01 |  The two web based wholesalers of commercial lines for small business are merging. AgentSecure received endorsements from IIAA organizations in Georgia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Texas. Extracts: "Under InsureZone, will expand its original platform of carriers -- CNA, The Hartford, and Zurich North America Small Business -- to include Kemper Insurance and The St. Paul. Additional small commercial products will also be offered by these carriers as a result of the InsureZone and combination." "I envision a future where our banking and portal partners may elect to give their customers the option of a face-to-face visit with a local agent,'' said Reid of InsureZone. 

"InsureZone Receives $8.2 Million in Funding From Texas Based Investment Partnership" | PRNewswire | 5 June 2001 | InsureZone aims to be "one of the first in the industry to achieve true full system, end-to-end integration with the rating and underwriting engines of an insurance carrier. " Their initial efforts are with BOP and Workers Comp.

"InsureZone Selects ActionPoint Dialog Server to Be a Key Component Of Its On-Line Insurance Solution" | PRNewswire via Yahoo | 26 Apr 01 |

InsureZone uses the ActionPoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACTP) XML based Dialog Server to cut development time and to gain access to the 140,000 businesses using  to Actionpoint's PurchasePro's Global Marketplace. Dialog Server helps to create and implement software that guides users through the entire selection and form filling process.

"By partnering with InsureZone, an independent agency, financial institutions, Web portals and agents can provide their customers with multiple quotes and access to insurance products from top-rated carriers, plus the ability to quickly purchase coverage on- or off- line." Acquired in July 2000 by the agency, Higginbotham & Associate.

"Insurity Announces Products, Services" | Business Wire | 11 July 2001 | 
"Commercial Intellisys is a fully automated, completely integrated underwriting, rating, and policy-production system." Producer Intellisys provides a browser-based front end for producers allowing customization including agent specific underwriting plus reporting and inquiries on claims or policy inquiries.

InsWeb (eAgency, Service)
[from Bruce:] The following InsWeb article may be a surprise to those who have been in the end-user driven end of the software business. In that business your success often depends on word-of-mouth. Unless a user is enthusiastic, not just satisfied, they will not tell their associates. As one example, Quicken was not launched until after a series of usability studies by experts then a series of iterations with naďve consumers until they said, “This is easy. This is what I want!”

InsWeb: Too High a Premium?” | 15-Apr-02| by Susan J. Marks BusinessWeek Online |   “a look at InsWeb … illustrates why” (online insurance) “hasn't worked.” “Filling out applications for quotes online is cumbersome and sometimes confusing.” “My information didn't always conform with the multiple-choice options offered as answers to some questions. “ “The site did turn up less expensive insurance coverage for my car, health, and even life than I have now. But it didn't do nearly enough to explain the policies to me, so I couldn't be sure that the cheaper quotes I received were truly for comparable coverage.” “my auto-insurance situation required live follow-up with a human being to make sure I knew what I was buying.” “The site could include short comments on the pros and cons of the different policies.”

InsWeb (Agency)
"InsWeb Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End  Financial Results" | 31 Jan 02 | Revenues were up and marketing costs per premium dollar were down by 26%.

"The Company's auto offering expanded geographically with the addition of 18 insurer /  state combinations during the quarter;   During the fourth quarter, InsWeb continued to extend its marketing partnership with Lower My Bills, and in January 2002 launched eUniverse as a new marketing partner; and  Effective January 1, 2002, InsWeb discontinued its participation as the online insurance  service for the MSN Insurance Center." 

"InsWeb Reports Second Quarter Financial Results" | PR Newswire | 19 July 2001 | For the quarter on revenue of $5.6 million the company had a loss of $7.2 million, in line with guidance. With  3.5 million visitor sessions, 695,000 completed shopping sessions, about 20%. The agency portion of InsWeb added 5 states and represents 10 carriers.

"InsWeb, QuickQuote to Launch Health-Insurance Program" | PRNewsWire via InsuranceNewsNet  | 5 Jun 01 | Alliances can accelerate market entry.  QuickQuote is an agency started in 1995 with Life,  Health and related lines of business. InsWeb will share commissions with QuickQuote, now owned by ING Group. Insweb with start with "individual health insurance, Medicare supplement insurance and  travel health insurance offerings, beginning this month. Short-term health insurance, individual dental insurance and small group health insurance offerings are expected to be available later this year." 

InsWeb Corporation Reports Financial Results for First Quarter 2001" | PR Newswire | 19 Apr 01 | 50% increase in completed shopping sessions over the previous quarter. Loss of $5.5 million with revenue on continuing operations of $5.6 million up from $4.5 the previous quarter. With the recent QuickenInsurance asset purchase, adding of AllState and several additional states to their offering their trajectory is up. $46 million in cash should see them through.

During the quarter the company had more than 3.5 million unique user sessions and approximately 660,000 completed shopping sessions during the first quarter. InsWeb's insurance agency sold nearly 3,000 new policies during the quarter, approximately a 77% increase over the 1,700 policies sold in the previous quarter.

InsWeb Posts Monthly Traffic Data On Corporate Web Site | PR Newswire | Mar 28, 2001 |  InsWeb now posts online traffic data on its corporate Web site ( ). In this manner, InsWeb will report monthly unique user sessions for comparison to traffic estimates issued by third parties. [At the site on 3/31/2001 unique user sessions  January: 1.4 million  February: 1 million.] 

InsWeb Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2000 Results  | PR Newswire | Feb 1, 2001| InsWeb Corp. (Nasdaq: INSW) reported financial results for fourth quarter and year end ``Strong consumer traffic in the first two months of the quarter and continued geographic expansion among participating auto insurance companies helped to lift revenues.......Was named the best online insurance marketplace by Gomez Advisors, the Internet quality measurement firm.......geographically expanded the participation of several existing insurers and discontinued relationships with four insurers whose plans did not fit InsWeb's strategy to enhance consumer satisfaction via online quoting.......The national average number of actionable auto insurance quotes received by consumers remained unchanged during the quarter at 2.4,"

Allstate Signs Up With InsWeb Online Market
2/27/2001 4:47:00...

InsWeb earns top marks from 'Net rater
1/4/2001 4:47:00 PM Sacramento based InsWeb, an online personal insurance aggregator, says it has been named...

About InsWeb "Featuring auto, term life, homeowners, renters and condominium insurance offerings, InsWeb provides live customer service, interactive tools and research capabilities, and is accessible from leading sites, such as Yahoo!, MSN, and E*TRADE."

Jefferson Pilot Financial 
"Jefferson Pilot Financial Enhances On-line Services With Additional Real-time Capabilities" |18 Feb 02| Business Wire | As an example of Online usage in group health, Jefferson Pilot Financial (NYSE:JP) added to its web "functionality by introducing real- time claims status and submission, member enrollment and virtual billing capabilities for group administrators."

kanetix adds RBC Insurance to online auto quote service
1/17/2001 4:48:00 PM kanetix, Canada's insurance marketplace and online insurance information center, recently announced the...

Liberty International Introduces Interactive B2B Initiatives in Brazil; Liberty Partnership With AGENCY.COM Allows Brokers To Conduct Majority of Business Online
3/19/2001 7:30:00...

Liberty - Wausau
Wausau Binds Small Business Coverage Online
1/2/2001 10:12:00...

Wausau Offers Speedy Online Access to Small Business Insurance | PR Newswire | Dec 28, 2000 | Small employers can now easily apply for a comprehensive package of property and liability insurance coverage in 6-8 minutes on ,......The company today announced that its Business Owner's Policy (BOP) can now be purchased quicker than ever on eWausau's newly enhanced web site by guiding the purchaser through a simple online insurance quoting process.......Wausau electronically reviews the application through its state of the art expert underwriting system, allowing Wausau to provide bindable quotes within one business day.......professionalism and financial strength that Wausau has symbolized in the marketplace for 90 years.'' In addition to the fully automated web site, Wausau offers a 1-800 customer service call center staffed by agents licensed in all 50 states.......Wausau became one of the first insurers to sell workers compensation insurance direct to the consumer over the Internet via 1999, and has an A+(Superior) A.M. Best financial rating....

Lincoln RE
Lincoln Re Risk Management Offers QuoteLab Online Stop Loss Quotes | Business Wire | 8 Oct 01 | The marketplace offers quotes for buyers of group health employer stop loss insurance and group life insurance. "QuoteLab software preserves data integrity of sponsor profile information, plan design information, census information, aggregate paid claims and high claims data." Employer stop loss buyers receive side-by-side comparison quotes.
 " Selects Metaserver" | Business Wire | 9 Oct 01 |
Metaserver was selected by LowestPremium to integrate back-end applications over the Internet. Metaserver facilitates integration of the business processes for auto insurance for LowestPremium reducing the development and maintenance costs. Agent Advantage   | Best's Review | Feb 2001 | considers itself to be a complete front-to-back-end provider." "Once customers log on to or go through the company's call center, they answer some basic questions related to driving record, type of car owned, distance driven daily and coverage desired, a process that takes about 10 minutes. Then, through the use of its comparative rating engines, provides customers with 10 premium quotes available from competing companies in their area. Consumers can select the carrier of choice with a mouse click or a confirmation call to a call center representative."

MarketScout (MGA)
"MarketScout Holds Second Annual eInsurance Symposium" |  PropertyAndCasualty | 01-Jun-01 |  Presentations covered Internet marketing strategies of AIG, CNA, High Ridge Capital and others. The theme: "The speed and efficiency of the Internet will continue to appeal to more and more buyers and improve the profits of agents who embrace the new channel." 

Over 9,000 agents have signed up to be able to place business with MarketScout, a subsidiary of Insurance Data Systems.  MarketScout represents over 50 companies and provides what they consider Best of Class coverage by one selected carrier for each of over 400 industry and coverage classifications. 

Report looks at aggregator role in European, U.S. online insurance market
1/5/2001 12:45:00 PM Aggregators in the United States and Europe are leading the charge to...

Mitchell International
"Mitchell International Releases New Version of FirstEstimate -- The Industry's Only Online Estimating Solution" |21 Feb 02 | Business Wire |  For claims management, Mitchell announced and upgrade to their software, 'FirstEstimate', what they call the "the first -- and only -- Web-based estimating system for the automotive collision repair and claims industries."

MyContracts Adds Online Insurance Procurement Services From Aon Enterprise; Aon'...

Press releases: SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb 6, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MyContracts, the only Web-based service that integrates contract management, real-time bench marking and leveraged e-procurement ... 02/06/2001 16:12

NetInsurance (Agency, Wholesaler)
"Thinking inside the box" | by Ron Leuty for BCentral | 6-Jul-01 | The business model of NetInsurance generate commissions rather than referral revenue. NetInsurance "writes policies for the Hartford, Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, Kemper, SCE, Orion and six other carriers." "Its customers are directed to the site through relationships with employers, banks and auto purchase web sites like" Investors in NetInsurance include Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), the Catalyst Master Fund and Five Points Capital."

"NetInsurance Signs Five New Marketing Partners" |Business Wire via NorthernLight | 11 June 01 | NetInsurance announced partnerships with "announced partnerships with:,,, Private Business, Inc. (Nasdaq:PBIZ) and AIAPonline." Online insurance is a natural fit for these internet-savvy partners. " reported in March that more than 28 million consumers, or 30.3% of the U.S. adult active online population, have sought P&C insurance information online." Launches Online Insurance Purchasing  | Business Wire via Yahoo | 7 May 2001 | an online insurance agency provides capabilities for,, and for use by banks and insurance agencies for "end-to-end online insurance transaction fulfillment, beginning with twelve nationally recognized insurance carriers" starting with auto insurance from, "Travelers, Progressive, Hartford, Safeco, Kemper, Atlanta Casualty, CSE, Infinity, Leader, Omni Insurance Group, Orion Auto, and Windsor."  "Service and support from initial inquiry to sale and post-sale is provided by licensed agents online or by phone."

For those who do not want to be in the insurance business, NetInsurance, using technology from LinkShare, pays for referrals, compensating for those referred who complete filling out of a quote request.

OneShield (vendor)
"OneShield Expands the Functionality of OneShield Dragon to Support 10 Lines of Business and Service Policies" | Business Wire | 10-Jul-01 | OneShield"announced the second release of OneShield Dragon(SM), a comprehensive Internet-based solution that automates the insurance buying, sales and service process." OneShield provides "end-to-end Internet insurance distribution solution that complements in-house systems at carriers and major brokers" for 10 commercial lines of insurance.

Pivot(TM) Launches Version 6.0 | PR Newswire | 22-Aug-01 | "The new version's robust quoting capabilities utilize XML, XSLT and SOAP, platform independent technologies, to link directly to insurance carriers for online product quotes."

Pivot(TM) to Provide Total Insurance Solution for Provident Bank |  PR Newswire | 15-Aug-01 |  At, and via a toll-free number to nationally licensed agents dedicated to Provident Bank, "the product offerings will include automobile and homeowners coverage, as well as life, long-term care, disability, and specialty products."

Point Information Systems
"Point Information Systems Selected by ISM as a Top 15 CRM Solutions Provider for 2002" |20 Feb 02| Business Wire | ISM Software Lab tested and rated each CRM with "166 selection criteria, including 107 business functions, 41 technical features and 18 user-friendliness/support features." ePoint is used by AIG and Allianz Group.

Principal Financial Group 
"The Principal Financial Group Rolls Out Producer-Based Web Site" |Business Wire |24 May 01|Producers online with can manage retirement and investment services, life and health insurance. "The site includes customer, product and marketing information, forms and supplies, corporate news and a market snapshot."

[Note that our coverage of Health and Life is not intended to be comprehensive.]

PRIORITY Data Systems
PRIORITY Data Systems, Inc. Partners with Trans Union to Create
2/7/2001 8:24:00 AM  PRIORITY Data Systems and Trans Union have formed a strategic technology alliance to provide auto insurance agencies and underwriters with accurate, real-time rate quotes using consumer credit information.

Progressive (carrier) Named #1 Insurance Carrier Web Site By Gomez For The Sixth Consecutive Period| PR Newswire |14-May-02 |The 2ndQuarter 2002 Gomez Internet Insurance Carrier Scorecard has the top among 19 companies rated overall and also the best for auto byers for ease of use and for relationship services. Progressive, during the quarter, had 2.4 million unique visitors and now has a total of 1.4 policyholders registered to access policies online.
"Progressive Survey Reveals What Auto Insurance Consumers Want From Their Agent" | 11 Feb 02 | PRNewswire | 900 consumers who purchased from a local agent showed that, from their agent, "consumers want local availability, expert counsel and advice, the ability to handle all their insurance needs, and online access to their policy." 59% found their agent from a referral and 27% from the yellow pages or other advertising. 45% want internet policy access from their agency. 

"Study of Rates Available to More Than 90,000 Consumers Show Americans Could Save Hundreds Simply by Shopping for Auto Insurance" | 28 Jan 02 | PRNewswire | A phone survey of 2,000 consumers shows that 29% have not shopped for insurance for 5 years or longer. 39% of those 18 to 24 were likely to shop compared to  23% of those 55 to 64.

Separately Progressive reported statistics about 90,000 comparative quotes provided from their web site. "The study found that the cost of a six- month auto insurance policy for the same driver(s) with the same coverages varies from company to company an average of $524."

"Progressive Launches Internet Referrals Pilot for Independent Agents" | PRNewswire | 3 Dec 01 | Participating agents
have the ability to provide accurate Progressive quotes to
consumers through their agency's own Web site. Agents then receive notification of these sales leads via e-mail and through Progressive's agent-dedicated Web site, 

"Progressive's Wireless Web Site Celebrates First Anniversary with Enhanced Functionality" | PR Newswire | 19 Sep 01 | Still apparently the only carrier with wireless vehicle insurance, Progressive added financial calculators and vehicle recall history. The joint effort with the Nextel Wireless Web has had 48,000 users year to date. From a PDA or cell phone a user can get a quote, buy a policy, locate agents by ZIP, report claims, or make a payment. and Nextel Connect To Offer Vehicle Insurance Information Via Nextel Wireless Web  | PR Newswire | 13-Aug-01 |  is now available to the 1.5 subscribers to the Nextel Wireless Web.

"New Service Helps Independent Agents Offer World-Class 24/7 Online Service to Customers" | PR Newswire | 19-July-2001 | Agencies can allow customers to link thru the agency site to Progressive for self-service. They can "make policy changes, make online payments, find out when payments are due, check the status of a claim, and more."

Sprint and Progressive.Com Offer Online Auto Insurance Information Via Sprint PCS Wireless Web  | PR Newswire | Mar 12, 2001 | Progressive announced availability on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web via their Sprint PCS Internet ready Phones. Sprint PCS users contact Progressive for a quote and to compare the auto insurance rates of up to three other leading companies.

North Carolina Online Shoppers Can Now Instantly Purchase Auto Insurance on | PR Newswire | March 7, 2001 | Progressive launched its internet capabilities in North Carolina.

The latest online features at include a safety section presenting crash test video and analysis from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, shopping tools that help visitors calculate automobile related costs including buying vs. leasing and financing vs. paying cash,

Progressive Named No. 1 Online Insurance Carrier and 'Best Site For Auto Buyers' for Third Consecutive Quarter  by Gomez. | PR Newswire | Jan 23, 2001 | Progressive took top overall honors for the Winter 2000 Internet Insurance Carriers Scorecard(TM) and top honors for Best Site for Auto Buyers.......``Ease of Use.'' Gomez praises , the online customer service center, for providing ``best-of-breed functionality for consumers desiring to manage their vehicle insurance policies via the Internet.''

 Gomez analysts characterize Progressive's instant online quotes and complete online purchase functionality as a key benefit.......the first to offer online auto, boat, motorcycle and RV insurance quoting and comparison rates, first to offer instantaneous online purchase of auto,......The latest features include a safety section presenting crash-test video and analysis from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, shopping tools that help visitors calculate automobile related costs including buying vs. leasing, loan payments and financing vs. paying cash and a variety of safe driving tips....

Providence Washington
"Agents asked for a better way to get quotes" | Feb 02 | Technology Decisions | According to Ed Leveille, CIO of Providence Washington, said about agencies, "Up to a certain dollar level they went to one underwriter and above that they had to go in another direction. They wanted something simple. The ability to go to one place." 2. "to be able to say ‘no’ as quickly as possible if we didn't want the risk. The third thing they asked for was the ability to receive quotes immediately, not in two or three weeks.” Implemented in part by use of XML and Java software from Ilog, Providence Washington is currently doing online quoting "for about half its commercial products—BOP, commercial auto, umbrella, and liquor liability."

" Providing Insurance Services to" | Business Wire | 26-Jun-01 | visitors get, "easy access to thousands of insurance plans including term life, individual health, fixed annuities, travel health insurance and international health insurance." " joins a growing list of partners utilizing's insurance services and/or its online technology including, The Motley Fool, CBS and"

" Partners With; Provides Online Insurance Services and Products"| Business Wire - April 19, 2001 | a site that aggregates financial content from over 600 sources adds capabilities from QuickQuote provides internet and licensed producer support "term life, individual health, fixed annuities, travel health insurance, international health insurance, auto insurance and mortgage rates." QuickQuote is part of the ING Group.

Quomp Provides Workers' Compensation Service Tailored To Small Businesses | Business Wire | 4 Sep 01 |Quomp, a joint venture among Safety National,  Gallagher Bassett the large TPA, and American Re, provides workers comp a real-time Quick Quote system, and plans to add online tools to manage workplace exposure including news and information, safety tips, fraud prevention ideas and information, and an online newsletter.

Quotesmith (agency)
"Choice Is Key to Quotesmith's Selling Strategy| May 02| Bests Review
Their CEO is enthusiastic, "Giving customers what they can't get anywhere else" ... "offering at all times the largest panorama of instant, real-time insurance quotes," “within seconds, produces a market search that would otherwise take thousands of hours to do by hand,” said Bland. 20,300 policies sold in 2001. 

" Launches Instant Travel Insurance Quotes from 28 Leading Plans; Enables Comparative Shopping from a Single Source" | 11 Feb 02 | Business Wire | With some help from IMT Services, policies from 28 carriers are offered with "instant quotes from leading travel insurance companies including Access America/BCS Insurance, HTH Worldwide/CNA, MutliNational Underwriters/Lloyd’s, Unicard Travel Association, Travel Guard International/Ace INA Group, Travelex and others."

" Reports Year-End 2001 and Fourth-Quarter Results" | 23 Jan 02 | Business Wire |  Their CEO explains, "our game plan for 2002 calls for us  to successfully integrate quote-and-buy capability into the audience, further reduce our acquisition costs, launch additional revenue-producing insurance brokerage products and to engineer an upward growth path in revenues and margins." Cutting advertising from $24 to 7 million per year, "the average marketing cost per policy sold declined to  $177 from $358 in the fourth quarter of 2000." plans 3 new key services: 1. Personal Auto launched in California in January 2002 and have  agency contracts with over 40 automobile insurance companies."  2. Homeowners.  3. Agency-Offering: "QuotesmithPro will help insurance professionals transition from the drudgery of having to deal with multiple-company Web sites and outdated desktop systems by providing an  easy, fast and single-source information platform from which customer-ready proposals  can be produced in seconds."

" Acquires" | PRNewswire | 7 Dec 01 | The acquisition will increase 300% the online audience for Quotesmith. Ranked among the top seven most visited insurance sites is an independent insurance news destination site for consumers.  The site serves 400,000 visitors per month and includes a 7,500-page library of insurance articles, content and decision-making tools.

Illinois Drivers: Test Drive the New Auto Insurance Price Comparison Service | PRNewswire | 1-Aug-01 | The "price comparison service is far and away the fastest and easiest auto insurance purchase solution of its kind on or off the Internet." "With the goal of seeking to slash research, underwriting and policy delivery times," the platform implements use of underwriting guidelines before determining what rate plans and programs to use. I includes the ability to view actual underwriting guidelines. In the same article, Quotesmith summarizes industry trends:

for the US "$120 billion in annual premiums ... " "90% of online consumers as interested in using the Internet for comparison shopping and 50% having actually changed carriers online in the past year." Reports First-Quarter Financial Results | PR Newswire | 24 Apr 01 | Revenue of $2.4 million and a loss of $2.4 million after a 72% cut in marketing expenses. During the quarter they sold a total of 6,319 new policies.

"The company anticipates 2001 revenues of approximately $8 to $9 million with a net loss range of approximately $7 to $8 million. The company is currently projecting 2001 year-end cash and investment balances of approximately $18 to $19 million." Said Robert Bland, chairman and CEO. "Our current business plan objectives are to conserve capital, strive for profitability through further marketing and operating expense efficiencies and to introduce our new multi-company auto insurance engine in the second quarter."

Recent and planned additions to capabilities include:

  • LTCompare now provides instant quotes from about 15 household-name insurers and includes one-click downloads of brochures, comparative buying guides and regulatory information.
  • Personal Auto. "Even though this project is about 6 months behind schedule, we intend to enter the auto insurance brokerage business and launch our brand new, multi-company auto insurance price comparison engine by June 30th of this year."
  • QuotesmithPro will help insurance professionals transition from the drudgery of having to deal with multiple-company Web sites and outdated desktop systems by providing an easy, fast and single-source information platform from which customer-ready proposals can be produced in seconds. Subscription pricing for this new service has not yet been set.
    Additional lines scheduled for release in 2001 also include homeowner's insurance and international medical insurance. High-Volume Processor   | Best's Review | Feb 2001 | During peak hours,'s Web site often processes one quote request every four seconds. And in the first month after the launch of its huge marketing campaign, Quotesmith said it processed more than 24,000 quotes within three days.

RC Knox (agency)
"Insurance Shopping Made Easier With RC Knox & Company's New Web Site" | PRNewswire | 02-Jul-01 | "The site offers interactive features such as instant online quotes on auto insurance, home insurance -- including renter's and condominium insurance -- and laptop insurance, as well as a "Contact Me!" feature."

Response Insurance (carrier)
Response Insurance streamlines online policy transactions
12/12/2000 12:36:00 PM Response Insurance, a direct-to-the-consumer auto insurance company that has been selling via the phone since 1997, is now also offering consumers real-time on-line quotes and the power to fully complete transactions on a live basis.

Royal and Sun Alliance
Insurance Giant Pegs Autonomy for Info System | By Shirley Siluk Gregory |    January 25, 2001 | Royal & SunAlliance selected Autonomy to help with Web-based B2B. The Autonomy software will be used to categorize, link, personalize and deliver based on user interests various data sources, including office documents, Web pages, intranet content, news feeds, e-mail messages and presentations. 

Safety Insurance
"Safety Insurance -- A success story" | by John Ashenhurst Rough Notes | Nov 01 | Safety has grown from $295 million premium in 1996 to $432 million in 2000. "Over the last five years, Safety has used technology to increasingly allow agents to directly control sales and service activities." Safety provides full IT and internet support for their agencies, lowering costs for both Safety and the agencies and making possible additional ways to do business. 

Safety provides the 'Agents Virtual Community', for agency access to Safety and business partners including  the registry of motor vehicles, auto repair shops, glass repair shops, restoration services companies, electronic vehicle registration services, and car renters. Agents can also "imbed" InsureAnswer for billing and claim status into the agency's web site though it actually resides on a Safety web site. 

"Safety provides its agents with technical support -- not just for Safety proprietary systems but for other generic and specific software and technology. Safety believes that it will be successful only to the extent its agents are successful." 

Selective Insurance Group (carrier)
"Selective Insurance Group Expands Flood Insurance Operation" | PR Newswire | 19-July-2001 | The company launched Flood Online and will sell software to other NFIP flood insurance carriers.  "Flood Online will enable agencies to provide flood insurance quotes, submit applications, make payments, inquire about customer policies, and more - quickly and easily - online."

Superior Access (wholesaler and vendor) 
"e.XSTM On-line Quoting Commercial Umbrella at from Fireman's Fund" | press release | Apr 2001 | Quoted online from "Eligible industries in the e.XSTM program include mercantile, real estate, manufacturing, service and more. Up to $5 million in limits can be provided"

"Websites and Online Rating for Independent Agents from SAIS and FSC" | press release | Apr 2001 | SuperiorAccess wholesales and develops websites. Per James Cook of FSC, "SAIS is the one-stop shop for all on-line website needs and FSC provides the most sophisticated and consumer friendly, Web-based, Personal Lines rating product available on the market today."

"Superior Access Now Offering Instant Online Work Comp Quotes through Zenith" | press release | Apr 2001 | SuperiorAccess will wholesale for Zenith Insurance with "Instant online, underwritten quotes up to $15,000 are available. Up to $50,000 premium is available upon Zenith’s approval" supporting 70 class codes including restaurants, automobile, printing operations, clothing stores and many more."

TheHartford (carrier)
"ePolicy Forges Alliance With the Hartford" | Business Wire | 12-Jul-01 | ePolicy will TheHartford for workers' compensation, BOP, commercial auto and commercial umbrella.

New Standards Can Fuel Real-Time SEMCI Expansion | PR Newswire | 21 May 01 |  Even for Auto and Home underwriting, Company people often need to make phone calls to agency that submit applications electronically. Why? To clarify answers to "company specific questions." Answers submitted electronically often are not meaningful; they do not pass edits on the company side.

To address this issue, The Hartford partnered with Applied Systems to implement the SPX component of the ACORD XML standards. SPX to allows data entry to be completed and fully edited prior to the real-time transmission. IVANs is involved in the data movement and Brokat Technologies (www. Nasdaq: BROA) developed some of the software with The Hartford.

The Hartford Pilots New Internet Quote System in Calif. | PR Newswire, Company | Jan 23, 2001 | The Hartford began piloting its new interactive quote system for personal auto with four agencies in California last month.. The web-based system allows participating insurance agencies to obtain an accurate and firm premium quote directly from The Hartford's internal systems in seconds.......sales and service manager at Central City Insurance in San Bernadino, Calif., likes the quoting portion and says it's very easy to use.......``We're all very comfortable with the Internet and we have a very fast connection -......The company is a leading provider of investment products, life insurance and employee benefits; automobile and homeowners products; commercial property and casualty insurance;... 

"TowerStreet Introduces QuoteNETWorks Direct; Online Rating Product Eliminates Need  Online for Desktop Downloads | Business Wire | 15 Oct 01 | TowerStreet, a division of AMS Services, Inc., announces QuoteNETWorks Direct without requiring TowerStreet's desktop rating system. QuoteNETWorks Direct presently supports 8,500 rate-sets for personal auto and homeowners coverage in 41 states, as well as business owners policies in 19 states.

TowerStreet helps Agencies Drive Web Traffic | BusinessWire | 6-Aug-01 | Agencies using QuoteNetworks for consumers to generate comparative quotes now can have free use of a Web Tool Kit with advice and resources for consumers. Towerstreet will write and submit press releases to the local media for the agency describing the quoting and web capabilities. 

TowerStreet and Travelers Demonstrate Real-Time Rating of BOP -- | Yahoo news | 21 May 01 | Using ACORD XML standards to interface, within seconds the BOP quote request is sent to and received back from the Travelers data center as a proof of concept. Towerstreet plans to release commercial lines, beginning with BOP, early next year. 

TowerStreet Partners With Celina Insurance Group  | Business Wire via Yahoo  | 16 Apr 01 |  Celina Insurance Group (Celina, OH), uses NETRater(TM) from TowerStreet for multi-line on-line rating provided for use by agencies. 

"Over 1,800 Independent Agents Quoting and Issuing Personal Lines Business Through Travelers' Web-based Automation System" |Business Wire |13 Aug 01 | Over 1,800 agents are using ATLAS3, Travelers' Internet-based automation system. "Underwriting and pricing are done automatically, eliminating the need to look up underwriting rules. With pull down menus, the possibility of errors is reduced. ATLAS3 also links to agency comparative raters reducing duplicate keystrokes. Travelers is currently in production with AMS East and is in pilot with additional rating companies."

"Travelers achieves another milestone with its total business system for independent agents selling small commercial insurance" | Company | 21 May 01 | Announcing integration with Sagitta and demo of BOP with AMS at the May ACORD meeting. Adds to quoting using Warp (now with IVANs) implemented earlier. The release about its "total business system" was in October 2000.

Travelers Insurance launches new Web-based quote, rate and issue system for Personal Lines agents  |Business Wire | January 21, 2001 | Travelers internet system for personal lines independent agents to save them time and improve their profitability by simplifying the quoting and issuing.

TurboCoverage Adds Five Auto Insurance Companies to the Nation's First Web-Based Insurance  Service for Auto Dealerships | PRNewswire |  21-Mar-01 Site provides auto insurance quotes from Infinity Insurance Company, and Leader Insurance members of the Great American Group & Financial Indemnity Company, a unit of Unitrin. 

[From their website:] "TurboCoverage is an auto insurance platform based in dealerships that enables consumers, insurance companies and dealers nationwide to revolutionize the process of securing auto insurance at the time of the vehicle purchase."

Unitrin (carrier NYSE: UTR)
"Consumers Can Get Auto Insurance Quotes in Three Minutes or Less From Unitrin Direct" | Business Wire | 7 Jun 01 | Unitrin, thru their Direct operations in Florida and Pennyslvania, is one of the first carriers (along with Allstate and Nationwide) to provide the chance to get a quick estimate before proceeding to a Complete Quote. "Consumers can enter minimal information and obtain an estimated rate" anonymously for auto insurance.
"ACE INA Purchases from ProAct Technologies" | 31 Oct 01 | Business Wire | ACE acquired the platform to enhance relations with corporate clients and to expand distribution of recreational marine insurance, extended warranty coverage and disaster mortgage insurance. offers a voluntary benefits platform giving employees a broad choice of financial products and services including insurance, finance and investment products. Currently has over 400 corporate customers, available to 4 million of their employees plus a retail site. Over 50 providers participate by offering products and services online.

YouZoom Adds Term-Life Insurance to Online Offering | Business Wire | 10-Aug-01  | "In less than five minutes, a consumer can view a selection of quotes from some of the nation's leading life insurance companies. The whole process is fast, easy and totally secure." The term life is available in 47 states because it is serviced by Matrix Direct. "YouZoom is an affiliate of San Diego-based Arrowhead General Insurance Agency Inc." with over $400 million in premium. Expands Online Insurance Offering to Washington  | Business Wire via Yahoo  | 18 Apr 01 | provides comparative auto online in Washington State. YouZoom represents 10 insurance companies selling personal auto in California, Arizona, Washington, Texas and Georgia.

Agents are electronic partners in Zurich U.S. Small Business Program | by Brett Hanavan Rough Notes | April 2001 | Agents obtain quotes; finalize rates and create proposals; issue policies; access coverage information and billing; order supplies; register for training, and access agent manuals.

InsureZone Selected By Zurich NA for Builders' Risk  | PR Newswire | 26 March 2001 | Banks and Web portals can offer access to insurance products under their own brands. InsureZone also has national binding authority for business liability, property, workers' compensation, automobile, and umbrella coverages for trade contractors, retail businesses. Zurich North America Small Business to integrate quoting with the InsureZone marketplace using InsureZone's technology, to quickly get an accurate Zurich NA quote and bind the policy online.

Research Reports and Services

[The hyper-links mostly work only for subscribers.]
"What eCoverage Teaches About the E-Insurance Market"  News | by Kimberly Harris |29 March 2001

"More Insurance Convergence: Wells Fargo to Acquire ACO/Acordia"  News | by Kimberly Harri, Vincent Oliva| 13 March 2001 |

Forrester  Search
InsLogic: How Banks Should Sell Insurance Online  BRIEF | by Todd Eyler September, 2000 | Bank insurance sales have lagged over the past five years because banks have not provided choice for consumers. Forrester believes that InsLogic will jump-start bank insurance...

Internet-Based Insurance In Germany  REPORT  | April, 2000 | Five fundamental results of the Internet-based insurance in Germany study: The establishment of offers via the Internet will cannibalize the ...

Meta Group  Search
"Financial Convergence: Take It to the Bank." | by Judy Johnson |13 December 2000 | Insurers struggling with e-business models and e-strategies in the midst of unprecedented industry and technological change/convergence should learn from banking neighbors who have already moved through some of the painful aspects of e-positioning.

Externalizing the Underwriting Process: What's Important. | by Chuck Johnston | 7 May 2000 | Changes in the insurance industry value chain require insurance companies to re-examine their new business process. In the future, criteria for selecting application management and underwriting systems will focus on speed and externalization rather  than on cost savings and back office integration.

"The Four E-Plays of Insurance" by Chuck Johnston | 27 March 2000 | Insurance companies that target multiple market segments must develop multiple e-commerce strategies (e-plays) that leverage common business and technology components through a layered architecture to avoid a new generation of insurance business stovepipes.

Technology Planning Related

[This section is not currently relevant for the vast majority of we who are involved in live online rate quoting thru issuance. The articles describe technologies, potential new standards, marketing channels and other elements that are somewhat likely to become relevant to online insurance distribution over the coming two years or so.]

The Ultimate E-Commerce Standard? UDDI | by Paul Rolich Technology Decisions | March 2001 | [Ed. UDDI,  or something like it, will integrate with ACORD XML, we would hope. It's Online Directory makes possible 'alternate distribution' even shared 'pipes' among cooperating companies.] UDDI-the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration specification  provides a standard, cross platform, cross industry plan for publishing the Web services that a firm any firm-offers. founders-IBM, Microsoft, and Ariba-provide free access to the registry 136 member companies. Also see, How is UDDI Implemented?

For a comprehensive set of links related to Insurance, consider Barry Klein's

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Insurance Publications 

American Agent & Broker |Best's Review | Business Insurance | Claims Magazine |
| Insurance and Technology | Independent Agent | Insurance Monthly |  | National Underwriter |PropertyAndCasualty.Com | Rough Notes |SoundingLine | TAAR | Technology Decisions

Current insurance news headlines, not specific to online quoting: 

|iSyndicate | InsureNewsNet| Yahoo News1  News2|

Sites offering Live Quotes

From Bindable access direct links for auto insurance quotes from 18 of the largest carriers  and direct links for eagencies, and agency referral sites. Extracted from that page, here are:

Links for each company to auto insurance quotes from 18 of the largest property and casualty companies

the Hartford
Liberty Mutual
State Farm

[the larger list]

Web sites that provide auto insurance quotes 

Many provide interactive response with auto insurance quotes during the process. Another portion will get back to you by email. Yet others dont work.

Those sites with Capital Letters have been reviewed. Others may not work. 
Amica ; [a carrier site we can all learn from. One of the earliest]
Allstate ; [as expected, a thorough, attractive effective site.];is Progressive;Rank#1Yahoo,Rank#1Mamma is Great American; 17 carriers in NY state
Electric Insurance; carrier; advertises at Google;Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Quotes;leads to Progressive; carrier: Great American;sold to InsWeb;related to YouZoom;from Fidelity
Kemper ; [an innovative carrier]; related to
Money Cenral ;Microsoft site refers to InsWeb;advertises with Google; from AMS Rating Services ;still refers to the Progressive site for Auto; uses QuadInfo for rating;advertises with Google
TheHartford; for AARP and Ford so far
Travelers; a carrier writing policies in California, Ohio and Georgia;auto with 5 local carriers

We'd be pleased to add or correct any entry.

Directories listing:

-- online insurance quoting sites are available from  About
-- websites of large agencies and brokers from 


Insurance Software Directories

ABOUT: Includes about 100 vendors with a paragraph about each.

ACORD & National Underwriter:  The ACORD Software Directory, provided by the National Underwriter. Includes a search. Soon to list upload and download partners. 

American Ageny & Broker Magazine: Their Automation Guide includes several paragraphs of info about over 25 vendors, primarily those who provide management systems and rating software.

From about insurance Agency software

Google: Includes about 200 vendors with a paragraph about each.

Open Directory Project: About 200 vendors and sites 

[Recommended] UltimateInsuranceLinks: Vendor Section from Barry Klein. Includes over 700 vendors with Company Name, Website Link, 5 to 15 words written by Barry Klein.

Yahoo:  Includes about 100 vendors with Company Name, Website Link, 5 to 25 words written by each company describing. 

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Insurance Message Boards

Here is what I've seen with the most active ones listed first. Note that many require you to first register. [Use an email address that can receive spam.]
Insurers at Yahoo, Main Message Board   Daily activity. Professionals help consumers. 

P&C at Netscape Boards  active, many messages are insurance job postings

Alt.Business.Insurance as part of Usenet news groups Active. Several messages per day. If you do not have a "Usenet Reader", consider the web access via Google or AltaVista. 

Misc.Industry.Insurance as part of Usenet Active. Several messages per day. If you do not have a "Usenet Reader", consider the web access via Google or AltaVista. 

Insurance at   Fairly active. Sections for Consumer and for Industry.   Somewhat active.

Insurance-Online at Yahoo   Discussions, links and resources for online insurance. Maintained as part of the Bindable Auto Insurance project

Yahoo Insurance Club   In May 2001 one of many inactive locations with message boards and chat

Insurance Profession Roundtable   In May 2001 one of many inactive locations with message boards and chat 

Everything Software in the Insurance Industry   In May 2001 one of many inactive locations with message boards and  chat 

Insurance Thoughts at MSN   In May 2001 one of many inactive locations with message boards

Wetfeet Insurance   In May 2001 one of many inactive locations with message boards and chat

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