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Increase revenue efficiently. Spend the same sales and ad cost while growing sales, Techniques and formulas do it. Find new markets, uses ... with help from Exxel International.

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Increase revenue without outside capital or additional budgets

No increase in your ad budget can generate More Revenue by improving response rates.

Get a better response with what you already spend. Create better ads. Target customers differently. Use Lead Generation and Sales Techniques.

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You run a tight company. You don't waste money. Exxel International can help you get more out of what you already spend, your cost of sales and marketing.

  • We examined what Inside Sales was saying and made small changes. Their average order went up by over 70%, while the number of orders held about constant.

  • With another client we developed a Lead Generating campaign that lowered the cost per lead from $32 each to $17. That means, with no change to the ad budget, the number of leads went up by over 70%

  • For our next client the cost per lead went from over $100 to less than $40, a 2.5 times increase in leads with no change to ad cost.

Your Existing Marketing Budget can generate more activity and higher sales. And what seem like minor improvements to Measurement can show you where you should cut back and where you should spend more.

Exxel is a practical, results-driven company. We've helped scores of companies become more profitable by maximizing the effectiveness of their sales and marketing.

Discuss at $350 Work Order that generates clear results or you do not pay.

Send us an e-mail inquiry, or Call me, Bruce Lynch, at 781-228-9441. Let's talk Free about the ways we might give your sales and marketing a boost. 

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Unit sales in 2013 at 5 million and 2014 15 million. Top Sellers are the Samsung Gear 2 with 54%, Sony Smart Watch SW2 at 18% and Pebble Smart Watch at 16%.

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